Cars parking on pavements is causing havoc near Manchester Royal Infirmary


Drivers are making a stretch of road in south Manchester a major issue for pedestrians.

Plymouth Grove, in Ardwick, sees motorists regularly park their vehicles fully on the pavements – meaning pedestrians have to walk into the road to avoid them.

The main road, which links A6 Stockport Road to Upper Brook Street, runs just behind Manchester Royal Infirmary.

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And one person, Dr Julia Kasmire, shared images and video of the issue on Twitter.

She explained to the Manchester Evening News that she visits the Manchester Royal Infirmary at least once a week and has found that the cars parked on Plymouth Grove make walking more difficult.

“If I turn or step to the side frequently, that really slows me down and increases the chances I’ll fall over because I have problems with joints and dizziness.

“So having a bunch of erratic obstructions on the pavement makes the pavement really low quality compared to what that pavement should be.

“The pavements along Plymouth Grove, where I’m sharing the videos, where I walk at least once a week, sometimes quite a bit more often they’re quite wide, well maintained pavement except for they’re full of cars.

“Combined with bins on bin day and then the required street furniture, you know the lamps and the bus stops and the power boxes and things like that, it creates a really problematic obstacle course.

“That’s going to be a much more serious problem for someone who is using a wheelchair or has a cane or a guide dog or even pushing a pram.”

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Dr. Kasmire, of Ancoats, believes that the issue stems from people parking on Plymouth Grove who work at MRI.

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She said: “I can absolutely understand that people who are not well supported in their commute to work, if they work at the hospital.

“I can understand why they want to get away with parking for free in what seems like a socially acceptable way because there’s so much parking like that.

“But they’re really maybe not aware of how many problems they’re causing.

“If someone had to hold a child’s hand, or was carrying big bags or had a dog with them, they’d be twice as wide and they wouldn’t be able to get past.”

Dr. Kasmire is not the only pedestrian calling out the issue.

The Twitter thread she started was soon filled with others sharing their own accounts of the same problem.

One tweet from @tricyclemayor, who is a resident of the area, said that the parking is ‘endangering the lives of local people’.

However, this isn’t just an issue for pedestrians.

Sally Jastrzebski-Lloyd, House Manager at Elizabeth Gaskell House, the historic visitor attraction on Plymouth Grove, explained that cars blocking the house are causing problems for visitors.

She said: “There’s two areas where it’s affecting us. The first is we do have coach groups of children and older people who visit and the coaches are struggling to stop and park safely to drop off the children.

“They’re having to drop them off around the corner, which is further for them to walk around.

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“For WI groups, things like that, it’s really making it difficult for coaches and bigger vehicles to drop off for us.

“Also, our accessible parking for people with blue badges is on site.

“Pulling out, the cars block your views and it is really hard to pull out.

“So for people with limited mobility, it’s an issue for them, so it’s an issue for us.”

Cars parking in front of the Elizabeth Gaskell House is causing problems for the charity as they believe their visibility as a historic building to visit is hindered by cars blocking their signs and the building itself.

Ms. Jastrzebski-Lloyd added: “It also means that any banners we put out on the fence can’t be seen so people can’t find out about events and things like that.

“I also know, of a morning I come in on public transport, and I’ll walk up and the number of families with buggies and things like that, you have to wait for them to come through.

“It isn’t ideal and there has been some absolutely terrible parking at the front which has blocked the pavement completely.

“I spoke to a traffic warden just before Christmas and there was nothing he can do, which is very frustrating.

“We had our very first Plymouth Grove Christmas light switch on at the end of November and we had to close the road, and we had a flyer to make sure those cars weren’t parked there.

“It just isn’t good for the community and for people and for how it looks and access generally.

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“We are struggling for visitors, things like parking on the front is a big deal for us, because it stops coaches coming, people can’t see us from the front, it lowers our visibility.

“We are a small independent charity and things like that do make a big difference to us.”

A spokesperson for Manchester city council said: “The lack of access to pavements can be extremely frustrating and we would ask drivers to be considerate about where they park.

“The Council will work with its partners in GMP to address issues around illegal parking where enforcement is an option.”

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