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Carmina Barrios, actress and mother of actors Paco León and María León, has been the guest on the latest Buenisimo bien program. The interviewee has left funny moments thanks to her salt shaker and her good humor. The presenters of the program, Manuel Burque, Quique Peinado and Henar Álvarez, could not contain their laughter as the actress told the odd anecdote.

“We are going to connect with a member of royalty,” began Manuel Burque. “No, it is not Juan Carlos I, but it is the queen of Spain,” Quique Peinado continued, “Carmina Barrios, how are you?” “Wonderfully, like ham, getting better and better,” replied the actress jokingly amid the laughter of the presenters while lighting a cigarette. “My God, Carmina, you are the best,” answered Henar Álvarez.

Despite the technical difficulties of the call, Carmina made the presenters unable to hide their smile as she told the story of when she called her military son who was in Turkey during Christmas time by video. “I used to make the video call with the codes that my daughter-in-law told me and now it turns out that I was wrong and I got a Moor and I thought I was a friend of my son and I said to him ‘Are you a friend of my son?’ And I said ‘That‘. He lowered his pants and showed me all the churra “, Carmina began by telling the anecdote, making the presenters of the program laugh non-stop.

“I mean, it’s not even a photo cock, now it’s a live video cock,” Henar Álvarez responded in surprise. “Since I was wrong, he would say ‘What the hell does this woman want? Well, I’m going to show him the churra. ‘ And he showed it to me, and I say ‘This is not my son’s friend,’ “the actress continued. and I say ‘Son, you could have said it’ “, Carmina finished telling the funny anecdote.” He was big, he dropped his pants, he dropped that and I say ‘Damn, where is he going to get?’ ” “He was telling me ‘Jesusito de mi vida, you’re a child like me, take it, it’s yours, not mine,'” the actress joked with laughter, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

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Paco León and María León

The presenters talked about the beauty of Carmina’s children, Paco León and María León, and they asked her which of her two children seemed more handsome to her and she clearly answered that “so fucked up It’s January like February. “Although Henar Álvarez was clear about it and remembered when Paco León opened an account on TikTok” doing a dance with a tracksuit. “” I know it by heart, I’ve seen that video more times than The Godfather. A true wonder “, confessed the presenter.

“Good genes, eh Carmina?” Joked Manuel Burque. “My boy and my girl is to eat them both, from the last curl to the toenail. With that I tell you everything,” replied the actress. “When they told me ‘Uy, uy, how beautiful your children are, you are more ugly, uglier’ Do you know what I answered them? ‘I will be uglier, but I have a pussy that beautifies me'”, Carmina said between the inevitable laughs of the presenters.

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