Carme Forcadell will not repeat as president of the Parliament of Catalonia




In his opinion, “the new political moment” calls for a new figure, “free from judicial processes.” She will continue as a deputy, for ERC.


Carme Forcadell (ERC) ha renounced finally to to opt again to preside over the Parliament of Catalonia. As explained this Thursday at a press conference, his resignation to repeat in office is due to the fact that the “new political moment requires a new figure free from judicial processes“In addition, he has defended his work for the sake of the sovereignty of the chamber and to allow” all parliamentary debate “and” without censorship. “

“I can proudly say that we have not bowed to censorship, we have not yielded and we have remained firm in our obligations to guarantee parliamentary debate,” Forcadell said at a press conference in Parliament, who confirmed that will keep her act of deputy for ERC and that she does not abandon politics despite this “personal decision” not to repeat as president of the Parliament.

Forcadell, investigated and provisionally released in a case for rebellion ordered by the Supreme Court, has argued that the “new political stage”, in which the initiatives that may be presented in the next legislature are unknown, requires that the person who is in charge of in front of the camera is a “figure free from judicial processes.”

This new president of the Chamber must be, in his opinion, “in a position to defend the sovereignty” of the Parliament, at a time when the independentists are debating whether to force the regulation of the Catalan chamber to telematically invest Carles Puigdemont

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“The day we open the door to censorship we will not be able to close it, and whoever is in charge of this institution has to guarantee that all debates in the street can enter the chamber,” he said.

Defense of freedom of initiative and expression

In this sense, Forcadell has defended her performance as president of the Parliament for the sake of the sovereignty of the Catalan chamber: “I have always acted to defend the freedom of initiative and the right to freedom of expression of the deputies, I have acted accordingly”, has underlined.

Thus, and before the “phobia” of the Government and the State to “the word and the dialogue”, Forcadell has indicated that in “main challenge” of the past legislature was the one to “preserve” the sovereignty of the Parliament, something that to his trial was achieved until the dissolution of Parliament with the application of 155.

However, Forcadell has admitted that “some red lines have been crossed” from a “political” point of view, not a personal one, and that “mistakes” may have been made, because “things can always be done better”.

Forcadell has not wanted to assess “political” actions such as an eventual investiture of Carles Puigdemont electronically, and has ensured that neither she personally nor any parliamentary group have requested a report from the Parliamentary lawyers to rule on this route.

Closing a cycle

He explained that he assumed the presidency of the Parliament for a “short”, “exceptional”, “intense” and “high voltage” legislature, and that now with his resignation to repeat in office he closes a “cycle”.

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In addition, he has revealed that he considered his decision to leave the presidency of the Parliament before the December 21 elections, a possibility that he already commented “to whom he had to comment.”

Also, asked if he sees himself in the new Government, Forcadell has limited himself to answering that “now” he sees himself only as a deputy of ERC.

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