‘Cardboard’ chicken nuggets and chips dinner served to elderly patient in hospital

Billy Queen shared his disbelief at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital meal online and demanded a response from senior politicians over the standard of the food

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow served this meal to an elderly patient

A chicken nuggets and chips dinner dubbed “cardboard” has been condemned after being served to an elderly patient in hospital.

The patient was dished up the unpalatable meal after being scheduled for a hip operation, Daily Record reports.

But the meal sparked reactions of disbelief because of the standard of the hospital food which was served in a hospital in Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Billy Queen was astonished quality of the meal given to his friend’s mum.

He shared his disbelief at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital meal online and demanded a response from senior politicians

Billy said: “Friend’s mother is in the Queen Elizabeth in Glasgow. Would you eat this @HumzaYousaf @MhairiHunter?

The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow


Katielee Arrowsmith (SWNS)

“Anything to say NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde or will you just keep feeding this to our families? It’s not good enough.

“For any hospital to serve this to a sick old lady tells me everything about them.

“Good food is even more essential when you are unwell. This is barely a step above cardboard with no nutritional value.”

Others shared their dismay in response to the tweet.

One said: “10 chips and five, erm, whatever those things are that look as if you could bounce them off the wall. Well done Scottish NHS.”

The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow



One Twitter user said: “My gran is in at the moment and the food is horrendous.”

The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is run by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

A spokesperson said: “A two-week rotating menu enables patients to choose from a variety of meals based on their personal preferences and also that of their families and carers, ensuring food served is tailored to their needs.

“If a patient wishes to provide any feedback or is unhappy with their food, we actively encourage them to raise this with us directly through nursing or catering staff, through our online feedback forms, or, via the ‘Food and Health in Hospital’ form given to them as part of their stay.

“This ensures that we can act quickly to make appropriate changes when required.

“Unannounced, regular visits to the wards review the quality of food delivered to the patients, helping ensure patients are happy with their meals.”

In February The Mirror told how hospitals in England were forcing doctors to become “Deliveroo Docs” which was creating an unhealthy workforce.

The doctors used fast food delivery apps to help get them through long late shifts.

Doctors, nurses and support staff working late and at weekends say they have to use Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats as hospital catering is often based around regular office hours.

But the medics were warned junk food could take its toll.

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