Captured Russian pilots plead ‘we were following orders’ as 9 jets shot down in 24 hours

Russian pilots who have been captured by Ukrainian forces have pleaded that they were “just following orders” as nine of Putin’s aircraft were gunned down in a single day.

It’s thought Vladimir Putin was arrogant and believed that his army could seize power in Ukraine within the first 48 hours of the conflict.

However, now on the 11th day of the war his forces are demoralized and facing ferocious opposition, with some spotted in footage crying for their mothers.

Images have shown burning wreckage and terrified pilots, with one blood-soaked and bandaged man insisting he was “not told anything” about the mission despite being presented with bombing maps apparently found in his cockpit, the Sun reports.

One pilot says he was on a rescue mission and pleads he was just “ordered to fly”

He’s forced to say “glory to Ukraine “ and asked “why are you bombing people?”

He was the surviving pilot after two were seen parachuting from their stricken aircraft above the Chernihiv and Mykolaiv oblasts, according to Mirror Online.

Civilians cheered as the jet – one of which is thought to have been a Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bomber used in Syria – was downed.

Ukrainians claim to have killed more than 11,000 of Putin’s troops – many of whom are teenage conscripts sent to their deaths by the despot.

Russian airstrikes have killed hundreds if not thousands of civilians across Ukraine, while more than 1.5 million have fled the country.

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Video of captured airmen in the back of a truck, shared on social media, shows captors saying: “You are killing our people, you b*****d”.

A captured Russian pilot who claimed he wasn't told anything about his mission but apparently had bombing maps in his cockpit
A captured Russian pilot who claimed he wasn’t told anything about his mission but apparently had bombing maps in his cockpit

One pilot says he was on a rescue mission and pleads he was just “ordered to fly”.

Despite having the second largest air force after America, with more than 4,000 plans, Russia’s advance into Ukraine has been slow.

Brutal attacks have been punctuated by embarrassing logistical failures stemming from poor maintenance of vehicles and apparent bad planning.

There have been reports of Russian troops surrendering and even puncturing their vehicle’s fuel tanks in a bid to avoid conflict.

Videos have shown Ukrainian farmers towing away expensive Russian tanks, missile launchers and troop carriers.

A 40-mile long ‘Convoy of Death’ which was ominously advancing on Kyiv with fears of a forthcoming siege, appears to have ground to a halt, among rumors of supply issues and break downs.

Experts suggested pictures showing vehicle’s shredded tires pointed to a lack of regular maintenance.

In less than two weeks, Ukraine claims to have downed 44 planes and 48 helicopters, blown up 285 tanks, 985 armored cars and 60 fuel tankers.

Yesterday, a Russian ‘Hind’ helicopter was hit with a stinger missile in the skies above Kozarovychi, 25 miles from the capital.

It is thought to have been a Soviet-era Mil Mi-24 Hind gunship, dubbed the “flying tank”, while elsewhere two MI-8 and two MI-35 helicopters and warplanes including two Su-34s, two Su-25s and one Su-30SM are believed to have been blasted out of the sky.

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This morning, the Ministry of Defense said the Ukrainian resistance was appearing to fight back with surprising ferosity.

But it’s feared Putin’s actions will escalate as Moscow becomes increasingly desperate.

Russian forces have seized the strategically important Black Sea ports of Berdiansk and Kherson but the end goal is Kyiv and a peace agreement is widely considered to be the only likely end to the conflict.

Putin has dubbed Western sanctions as like a “declaration of war”.

A captured Russian pilot pictured in a video on social media
A captured Russian pilot pictured in a video on social media

He’s said anyone enforcing a controversial “no-fly zone” over Ukraine will be judged to have entered the war and has told the west he “won’t forget” its response.

A ceasefire was agreed to allow for the evacuation of the blocked port city Mariupol in the southeast and the bombed-out eastern town of Volnovakha, but it was reportedly breached by Russian troops.

This morning, it was again said to be in place but there was no clear indication of how long it will last.

It comes as Boris Johnson drew up a six-point plan to put to world leaders about how to deal with Putin.

Meanwhile the US special forces and SAS commandoes are said to be preparing for a high-risk rescue of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The leader is said to have survived three assassination attempts in a week after double agents blew the plots apart but Russian Spetsnaz special forces are said to now be targeting him.

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