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Hundreds of people have concentrated this Saturday on Santander, before the Government Delegation, to express their “pain” for the murder of Eva Jaular and his daughter from 11 months, allegedly at the hands of his ex-partner and father of the baby.

“We are here because we want to convey our solidarity and our pain to Eva’s family and her sons and daughter,” he said. Ana hefty, spokesperson for the Commission March 8, convener of the concentration, and added that the two orphans left by the woman murdered yesterday in Liaño de Villaescuasa “They are already our responsibility.”

Ana Bolado has read a manifesto in which she emphasizes that the laws to protect women that have been achieved “with so much effort” in Spain because “there are political organizations that seek to end them, because they deny gender violence, because they despise work, the social and political activism of the feminist movement “, which, in their opinion,” can cost us more lives.

He has also regretted that “after 17 years of validity of the comprehensive law against the violence of Gender “We are not getting it to work as it should, to save our lives.”

For this reason, she wondered “how are we going to tell women to report, you are not alone, we protect you, after these results”.

“A democratic society cannot allow this hemorrhage, this carnage of women and children that we spend life accounting“Bolado added and emphasized that” Eva Jaular and her daughter should be the last. “

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The President of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, has attended the rally where, accompanied by the mayor Villaescusa, Constantino Fernández, has expressed his “rejection of a terrible event” that “brings together all terms to be the most tremendous thing, not only for killing his woman, also an eleven-month-old girl. “

“The human mind is a mystery,” said Revilla, amazed that a person can “do that.”

And he explained that he has attended the rally to show solidarity with the family and “protest.” In addition, he has urged to be “very rigorous with these people” that, like the detainee, they have a “restraining order”, with precedents of mistreatment.

“It is a disgrace that has flattened us all,” he said. Revilla, who has specified that he “knew the woman” murdered, because he had “attended to him many times” in the restaurant where he worked. “He was a kind, hard-working person,” Revilla explained, adding that the victim “brought forward” his children.

“It was a person exceptional that he has stumbled upon this soulless and the tragedy has occurred “, which considers that facts with this “They have no explanation and you wonder how it is possible, what will be in the heads of those people “.

And he has asked “that the control of these people and the precautions be extremely extreme, when there are previous complaints of mistreatment”, as there were in this case.

For his part, the mayor of Villaescusa has pointed out that “it is confirmed” that the murders have been committed “with white arama” and that the man who has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator “appears to have pleaded not guilty.”

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In addition, the vice president of Cantabria, Pablo Zuloaga, has opined that “it makes us think how this fatal outcome could have been reached”, when the victim had denounced her ex-partner for sexist violence and “had been followed” by the State Security Forces.

Zuloaga has pointed out that, when it is confirmed that it is a case of gender violence, the Government of Cantabria will raise with the family of the victim the possibility that the Cantabrian Executive “acts as a popular accusation.”


The Government delegate in Cantabria, Ainoa Quiñones, has expressed the “consternation” of the entire Cantabrian society for this “terrible” crime and has again denounced that “There are many women who live on a death row that are their homes ”and“ many times it is only seen when we get to the tip of the iceberg, which is sexist murders ”.

For this reason, Quiñones has appealed to citizens to call 016 “in the event of any suspicion or doubt” that a woman may be a victim of gender violence.

At this point, you have detailed that in Cantabria there are currently 896 active cases in the Comprehensive Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence (VioGén System).

“There are no words to describe this tragedy and the suffering of the family. There is no right ”, said the Government delegate in Cantabria.

Quiñones has indicated that the Cantabria Civil Guard continues to investigate and collect evidence regarding this crime, for which yesterday a man, the woman’s ex-partner and father of the eleven-month-old girl, was arrested.

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The events, on which the judicial authority has decreed the secrecy of summary, occurred in a house of Liaño de Villaescusa, where members of the guard Civil They located yesterday, Friday, the lifeless bodies of the woman and her daughter after their relatives denounced the disappearance of both.

The detainee had a restraining order from his ex-partner issued by the Penalty number 5 of Santander.

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