Canada truckers – live: Ottawa police decry ‘nationwide insurrection’ as Trudeau asked to double size of force

‘Freedom Convoy’ Results In State Of Emergency In Ottawa, Canada

The mayor of Ottawa has declared a state of emergency as protesters in trucks opposed to Covid-19 restrictions continue to paralyze the center of the Canadian capital.

Thousands of truckers descended on Ottawa for the second weekend, joining a hundred who remained for more than a week. Residents are furious at the nonstop blaring of horns, traffic disruption and harassment and fear no end is in sight after the police chief called it a “siege” that he could not manage.

The “freedom truck convoy” has attracted support from many US Republicans including former President Donald Trump, who called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “far left lunatic” who has “destroyed Canada with insane Covid mandates.”

Police report that multiple arrests have been made related to the protest as Major Jim Watson warns that someone may get killed or seriously injured because of the irresponsible behavior of some of those involved.

The city has asked to increase fines for many offenses and to double the size of the police force to address what the mayor called “an aggressive and hateful occupation of our neighbourhoods” that has nothing to do with vaccine mandates.

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Canada pushes back against GOP support for Covid protests

Canada’s public safety minister said Monday that US officials should stay out of his country’s domestic affairs, joining other Canadian leaders in pushing back against prominent Republicans who offered support for the protests of Covid-19 mandates that have besieged downtown Ottawa for more than a week .

A day after the city declared a state of emergency, the mayor pleaded for almost 2,000 extra police officers to help quell the raucous nightly demonstrations staged by the so-called Freedom Truck Convoy, which has used hundreds of parked trucks to paralyze the Canadian capital’s business district. The protests have also infuriated people who live around downtown, including neighborhoods near Parliament Hill, the seat of the federal government.

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Embattled Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly called the demonstration an “unprecedented protest never seen in Canada” and acknowledged that authorities failed to plan for it to last more than three days.

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ICYMI: Canada police act to rein in protests against Covid measures

Protesters opposed to vaccine mandates and Covid-19 restrictions held rallies in cities across Canada on Saturday in a show of solidarity with a week-long demonstration in the national capital.

Officials in Ottawa and numerous provincial capitals worked to ensure that escalating protests against pandemic-related public health measures remained peaceful Saturday.

By midday Saturday in Ottawa, thousands of demonstrators mingled near open fires on the snow-plastered lawn in front of Parliament Hill. Participants roasted hotdogs and doled out baked goods under tarps, while two men on horseback traipsed through the town, one carrying a flag in support of former US president Donald Trump

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What happened to the trucker GoFundMe?

Crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has announced it is freezing millions of dollars raised in support of anti-vaxxer truckers in Canada and will instead refund donors in full, citing police reports of violence as the reason behind its decision.

Joe Sommerlad reports for The Independent.

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Alaska truckers rally in support of Canada protest

Anchorage Daily News reports that more than 100 Alaska truck drivers rallied from Anchorage to Eagle River on Sunday to support Canadian truck drivers opposed to Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

Anchorage Assembly member Jamie Allard organized the event to support the truckers who have rallied in Ottawa since last weekend. Since January 15, truck drivers and other essential service providers are allowed to enter Canada only if they are fully vaccinated. The US required vaccinations from essential non-resident travelers on 22 January.

The participants Sunday – including truckers and drivers in personal vehicles – filled the Cabela’s parking lot in South Anchorage before 1 pm and started driving to their final destination, the Eagle River Lions Club, after 1:30 pm. Another convoy drove to Eagle River from the Mat-Su.

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Ottawa protestor equals actions with D-Day

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Police launch arson investigation after attempt at lighting building on fire

In the midst of the trucker protest two men were caught on camera attempting to light a building on fire by burning a package of firelighters in the lobby at 5am.

One of the men also taped the door shut to stop anyone getting in or out. According to a tenant in the building one of the men said they were connected to the convoy protests.

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City councilor calls for federal government to take over policing of Parliamentary precinct

Ottawa Councilor Catherine McKenney wants the city to ask the federal government to take over control of the Parliamentary precinct.

She tweets that their motion for dealing with the occupation asks the federal government to take over policing responsibility of the Parliamentary Precinct so that local services prioritize residents.

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About those air horns…

They are still going loud and they’re very loud.

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Older Ottawa asks Trudeau for more police

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Marco Mendicino, minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, to ask for an additional 1,800 police officers and staff.

Mr Watson said that the demonstration has turned into “an aggressive and hateful occupation of our neighbourhoods” that has nothing to do with vaccine mandates.

Noting the city’s gratitude for the officers already on loan, he calls for “a dramatic and immediate injection of additional officers”.

The request is for 1,000 regular officers, 600 public order officers, 100 investigative officers, and 100 civilian staff, as well as all the supporting resources.

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