Can the Police ask me for my covid passport? Do I also have to show my DNI? We clarify these and other doubts



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Guide for users and hoteliers on the use of the covid certificate.

Guide of the Basque Government to clarify the main doubts about the use of the covid certificate and about the main measures in force in the Basque Country.


What is the EU COVID Digital certificate?

The EU COVID Digital Certificate is a document with QR reading, which facilitates the safe free movement of citizens within the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This document was established to facilitate the travel of a person outside to make a journey within the European Union. Controls will be expedited for the person who possesses said certificate, while whoever does not have it will carry out other types of controls established by the authorities of each country and must present the pertinent information.

In addition, since December 4, the Basque Country has also been enabled to require the COVID Digital Certificate as a mandatory pass in establishments linked to nightlife and restaurants.

What kind of certificates are there?

There are three types of certificates and they are aimed at three types of people:

1. Certificate of vaccination. People vaccinated with 1 or 2 doses

Note: vaccinated abroad with a single dose or two doses, they must register beforehand at their health center with documentary proof of said vaccination.

2. Certificate of recovery. Those who have had the disease from 11 to 180 days after having had a positive PCR.

3. Certificate of negative test. People with a negative diagnostic test 48 hours before in the antigen test and 72 hours in the PCR test.


How can the certificate be obtained?

The EU COVID Digital Certificate can be obtained in two different ways, digital or in person.

Detailed information in the following link: How to download the covid-19 passport in Euskadi

How long are these certificates?

– Vaccination certificate: For one year from the date of the last dose
– Recovery certificate: Valid for 6 months
– Certificate of negative diagnostic test: –
– With antigen test (ART): 48 h
– With PCR: 72 h


According to the order of November 17 from the Minister of Health, where will the COVID certificate be required in the Basque Country?

The Covid Digital Certificate may be required in two different cases:

1. On the one hand, in establishments designed to offer the public entertainment and dance activities such as discotheques, dance halls, party rooms with shows, music bars, karaoke, and all those included in Group III and IV, according to the Decree 17/2019, of February 5. On the other hand, it may also be required in the special pubs and bars included in Group III and from 10:00 pm.

2. Finally, it will also be required in restaurants with an authorized capacity for dining places greater than 50 people.

According to the order of November 17, who should demand the certificate?

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In order to guarantee the control of compliance with the measures, both the owners of the establishment and the agents of the authority may at any time require the clients present in the establishment to display the documentation presented for access to the premises, in order to verify the authenticity of it.

How and when should the certificate be displayed in the establishments listed in the order of November 17?

Both for access and during the stay, the Covid Digital Certificate of the European Union (QR) must be shown, upon request from the person who owns the establishment or by the authorities.

The way to present it can be in a digital document in PDF format with a QR code located on a mobile terminal or other device or on paper if necessary.

Is it necessary to present the DNI or official document proving identification together with the COVID certificate?


Despite insisting, the user does not present the certificate. Should the owner of the establishment call the local Police / Ertzaintza?

The owners in the first instance must prevent access to the premises to that person who does not present the certificate, in the event that the user does not respect the prohibition of access to it, the owner may call the Local Police / Ertzaintza

Will the Local Police / Ertzaintza make “visits” to these establishments to find out if the order is being carried out?

The Local Police or Ertzaintza may carry out inspections of these establishments to verify compliance with said order.

Should the covid passport be requested at the bar of a restaurant with capacity for more than 50 diners or is it only for the restaurant area?

The first section point 2 of the Order of November 17, 2021, which establishes the requirement of the Covid Digital Certificate of the European Union (QR) as a preventive measure necessary to face the health crisis caused by COVID-19 It establishes its requirement for Restaurants with an authorized capacity of dining places greater than 50 people, it will not be required in the bar of the bars, therefore it only refers to the restaurant area.

Is the Basque Government going to provide an application to read the QR code of the Digital Certificate?

No. There are several applications in operation in various European countries that could be useful. These applications must at all times respect state and European legislation on data protection.

I have the contraindicated vaccine and therefore I cannot obtain the COVID Certificate of vaccination. How can I access these premises?

There are two options to present the documentation in these establishments:

– Negative Covid-19 test certificate: It is a certificate that proves that you have done a PCR or an antigen test and they have given a negative result. In it, the date and time you made the date, the center where you made the test, and the result will appear.

– Recovery certificate: It is a certificate that certifies that you have passed COVID-19. In it, the date on which you had a positive result of COVID will appear, which is when you were infected, and the issuer of the certificate that certifies that you have overcome the virus and the dates.

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When should a municipal entity suspend an act or event in your locality?

The Order of November 16, 2021, of the Minister of Health, of prevention necessary to face the health crisis caused by COVID-19 in those municipalities with a fourteen-day accumulated rate of 150 per 100,000 inhabitants of COVID infections -19, establishes in its second section the measures to be adopted within the necessary respect for the powers of other public administrations and the measures that, in the exercise of such powers, they adopt, the possibility of temporarily suspending or postponing, while maintaining the municipality in a situation of incidence greater than 150 cases per 10,000 inhabitants, the celebration of all those activities, regardless of their scope, in which the municipal authorities foresee that compliance with the preventive measures provided for in the annex cannot be guaranteed of the Order of October 6, 2021.

The events or activities in which it is most difficult to guarantee compliance with basic preventive measures, especially the use of a mask, are those in which the intake of food or beverages is contemplated.


When is the use of the mask mandatory?

The use of the mask will be mandatory for people over six years of age in any closed space for public use or that are open to the public.

In outdoor spaces, its use will be mandatory provided that it is not possible to constantly maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people, except for groups of cohabitants. Consequently, the mandatory use of the mask extends to all types of urban environments where crowds occur.
Its use in the natural environment is exempt, as long as there is no agglomeration or concurrence with other people who do not live together.

The causes and assumptions of non-enforceability of the use of masks provided for by law in article 6 of Law 2/2021, modified by the first article of Royal Decree-Law 13/2021, shall also apply. In such cases, when people are required to prove the exemption from using the mask, they must document said situation by means of a document certifying the degree of disability or dependency, or by means of a medical certificate to that effect.

Is the use of a mask mandatory in hotel and restaurant establishments?

Yes. In hotel and catering establishments and services, the obligation to use the mask is excluded only at the time of food or drink intake. Otherwise, its use is mandatory at all times, both indoors and on terraces.

As mentioned previously, the mandatory use of the mask is a measure applicable to gambling establishments, txokos and gastronomic societies, fish markets, youth venues and the like, as well as discos and nightlife establishments.

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Can I remove the mask while doing sports?

In the development of any sports activity, its use in natural spaces, in peripheral urban environments without the presence of pedestrians, in swimming pools during bathing, in sports competitions between teams (including training) and in extraordinary moments of intense physical activity outdoors is excluded. .

In the rest of sports activities (machine rooms, programmed activities, courses, etc.) that take place in closed areas such as sports centers or gyms, the use of a mask is mandatory.

Is the use of the mask mandatory when using transport?

The use of masks is mandatory and essential for those over 6 years of age when using any of the means of passenger transport from the beginning to the end of the trip, except in the legal cases of exemption. The use of masks in private transport will not be required if the occupants live in the same address. The professional transport person whose work space is not separated from the public in their own room or enclosed by a protective screen, must also wear a mask during the service.


What preventive attitudes should I maintain?

In addition to the use of a mask, constant indoor ventilation, interpersonal distance and hand hygiene. Avoid crowds, participate in vaccination, collaborate with case tracking, and comply with quarantines and isolations.

Am I obliged to collaborate in the tracking and traceability of infections?

Yes. The infected people and those who have had contact with them are obliged to collaborate in the work of tracking and traceability of the Network for the Surveillance of Cases and Contacts of COVID-19 of Euskadi, for which the citizenship is urged to be extreme the rigor in answering calls directed by the people responsible for monitoring and supplying all the required information as quickly and accurately as possible.

All persons must comply with the instructions of the authorities or health services, as well as the Department of Health in accordance with the protocols in force.

Am I required to confine myself in the event of an outbreak?

Yes. In accordance with the provisions of article 23 of Law 2/2021, of June 24, on measures for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, people affected by epidemic outbreaks have a personal obligation of confinement, which must give rise to the rigorous fulfillment of the isolation obligations, without the possibility of traveling or interacting in person with other people, as well as quarantine, in relation to all those other people or group of people who are indicated the suspicion of having could be infected. All of them must comply with the instructions of the authorities or health services in accordance with the protocols in force and the specific situation of each case.

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