Cabinet ministers poised to tell Boris Johnson he must resign

It comes as senior figures in the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers met today amid discussions about changing the rules so Mr Johnson could face another confidence vote.

After Prime Minister’s Questions, Sajid Javid urged Cabinet ministers to walk out and bring down Mr Johnson, warning them the Prime Minister risks tarnishing the Tories for a generation if he stays in power.

The former health secretary, who quit last night over Mr Johnson’s handling of the Chris Pincher scandal, told those still propping up the Government that “not doing something is an active decision” in an excoriating resignation speech. Read it in full.

snap election

Labor was gearing up for a snap election amid talk Mr Johnson could call a quickfire vote to head off rebel Tory MPs who are mounting a fresh bid to oust him from No 10.

Sir Keir Starmer said his party wants to see the country go to the polls immediately to secure a “fresh start for Britain” after the Prime Minister was rocked by a Cabinet coup and backbench mutiny.

“This Government is collapsing, the Tory party is corrupted, and changing one man at the top of the Tory party won’t fix the problems,” he said today.

This video shows what the public think of the Prime Minister and as the numbers calling for him to resign grow, Janet Daley says for Mr Johnson’s own sake, this has to end quickly.

Zahawi for PM?

The Conservative Party has an unwritten rule when it comes to replacing their leader while in government: they must always have held one of the great offices of state.

While the Tories might be prepared to gamble on a relatively untested leader in opposition, like David Cameron and, to a lesser extent, Margaret Thatcher, they always play it safe while they are running the country.

Boris Johnson had been foreign secretary. Theresa May had been home secretary. John Major had been chancellor.

So for those who saw Nadhim Zahawi as a potential leader, he had one major gap on his CV – until now.

Gordon Rayner and Louisa Clarence-Smith analyze why Mr Zahawi could be heading to the very top (and fast).

Here are the other runners and riders who could replace Mr Johnson.

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Around the world: Taliban excavate getaway car

The car used by the founder of the Taliban to escape US forces in 2001 has been excavated in Afghanistan, according to senior figures in the movement who claim it is still in excellent condition. Photographs shared online showed laborers using shovels to unearth a battered Toyota Corolla said to have been used by Mullah Mohammad Omar. Mullah Omar is said to have used the car to flee the Taliban capital of Kandahar in the dying days of his regime, as he pulled off a remarkable disappearing act. The one-eyed fugitive avoided American troops and spies for the rest of his life, despite being one of the most wanted men in the world. Read why Taliban figures want the estate car to be preserved in the Afghan National Museum because of its historical significance.

Wednesday interview

‘I’m not sure Ukrainians will want to see Swan Lake ever again’

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