‘Buzzed’ Scots thugs tied up elderly women during terrifying home robbery

A pair of thugs were described as “buzzed up” after a terrifying robbery at the home of two elderly women.

Brandon Boyd and Conor Clark smashed into the farmhouse in Dumfries and tied up Margaret Muir, 89, and 69 year-old Mary Copmartin.

The masked duo stole jewellery, watches, cash and mobile phones from the pensioners.

Boyd, 26, and Clark, 27, had initially denied involvement in the crime during a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

But, they changed their pleas after Calvin Patterson, 24, – who had charges dropped – came into the witness box and told how he had effectively been the getaway driver for the pair.

Boyd, of Mauchline, Ayrshire, and Clark, of Dumfries, went on to admit taking part in the assault and robbery following Patterson’s testimony.

They had been on bail, but were remanded in custody by judge Lord Fairley pending sentencing next month.

Patterson, also of Dumfries, had initially been in the dock with the pair facing a total of nine charges.

But, he was acquitted during the trial after the accusations were withdrawn against him.

He went on to become a prosecution witness in the case.

Patterson told how he had known Clark since around 2015.

Patterson said Clark had later spoken of a plan to rob the farmhouse.

He told jurors he was given a mobile phone as part of the plot to raid the property.

Patterson went on to collect both Clark, Boyd and another in his car on the night of the crime – June 13, 2019.

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Prosecutor Victoria Dow asked him: “Did you understand what was happening?”

Patterson: “They were going to case (the house) and then rob it.”

Miss Dow: “Does case mean check it out?”

Witness: “Yes.”

Patterson drove to a garden center near the house before later returning to collect them.

He told the trial: “They got in the car. They were pretty buzzed up.

“I asked what they got and the said they got a lot of gold and money.

“They said one of the women was acting as if she was having a heart attack, but that she was alright.”

The charge stated the thugs smashed glass doors, had a crowbar and bound the victims’ hands and arms with cable ties.

It was also said they repeatedly demanded safe keys and threatened the women with violence.

Patterson told how he dropped the robbers off and they got into Boyd’s car.

Clark later contacted Patterson via an encrypted messenger app.

Miss Dow: “Did he mention what they were going to do with what was taken?”

Patterson: “Split it. I was to get £3,000, but I got a £1,000.”

Boyd’s QC John Scullion put to Patterson during the trial he was that “lucky” he ought to have bought a lottery ticket as he came to court facing nine charges, which were then dropped.

One of those other accusations withdrawn was a claim Patterson, Clark and 28 year-old Corey Boyd had been involved in the assault and robbery of a man at a house in Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway on April 19, 2019.

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Not guilty pleas were also accepted by Clark and Corey Boyd on that charge.

Lord Fairley deferred sentencing on Brandon Boyd and Clark for reports.


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