Brooke Vincent says she cried as she worried about coping with two young sons

Coronation Street favorite Brooke Vincent has given an honest insight into being the mum of two young boys. Sophie Webster star Brooke, 29, welcomed her first son Mexx in October 2019 and his younger sibling Monroe was born in May 2021.

The actress from Audenshaw said in a frank Instagram question and answer session that she has raised wondering how she would manage. Brooke, whose partner is West Bromich Albion footballer Kean Bryan, was asked by one fan: “How do you cope? I’ve got a two-year-old and a five month old. Life is CRAZY. Find the days so tough. “

And she admitted: “I’m not going to lie. I’m not too sure I do. I just get through the day.” She continued: “Monroe turning one breaks my heart because I feel like there’s been so many times over the past year where I’ve cried to myself thinking how am I even going to do this. My babies are so young and need so much attention.” in different forms it’s so hard to keep on top of.”

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And she added: “All I say is it’s getting a little easier now they eat the same food and have the same bed time it’s easier to manage. But for the first few months I found it so hard to be the best mum, the best girlfriend, the best friend.”

Explaining their daily routine the doting mum said: “The boys both go to nursery together on a Monday and Friday. Then Mexx stays off on a Tuesday and we do big boy things whilst Monroe is at nursery.

Brooke held a Q&A with fans

“Then Wednesday I swap and Mexx is in and Monroe is home with me. And then Thursday they are both off which is like a circus from the second we wake up.”

She signed off by slamming social media posts for piling on pressure. “Being a mum no matter what kind is the hardest job ever,” she said. “Social media doesn’t help. Children look pristine, houses look immaculate.”

Brooke was also asked for some tips on dealing with tantrums by a mum with a son the same age as Mexx. “Honesly I don’t think I have ‘tips’ haha! I’m just trying to get through them,” she laughed.

“I’ve started to tell him when he’s having a tantrum and I’ll remove him from the situation and ask him to let me know when he’s finished. When he then calls ‘mummy I’ve finished’ we then recap on what’s happened and why and then after that it’s dropped and we carry on as normal.”

She added: ” “I find it so hard especially because I have Monroe too. I just don’t have the patience for Mexx acting the goat as and when he chooses.

“It’s also hard because he is so funny and loving mid tantrum I find it hard sometimes to keep a straight face with his replies. His reply today for why he did something was ‘well just because.'”

The star is no longer under contract with Corrie but the door has been left open for her character to return after Sophie left in the back of a taxi in October 2019.

Brooke is currently enjoying spending time being mum to her two boys and has admitted to not quite knowing when she’ll come back to Corrie. “I’m just being a mum and getting myself back and trying to get us into a routine and focusing on them,” she told the Daily Star last year. “It’s kind of a decision that we made as a family and it’s just nice to have that special time with them without having major distractions of what’s been going on.”

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