Broken glass, vomit and mountains of rubbish left by football fans as huge Seville clean-up underway

A huge clean-up operation is underground got underground in Seville following Rangers’ heartbreaking defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt – after fans littered the city with broken glass and crushed cans from boozing in the hours beforehand.

Football fans partying in the days leading up to the historic Europa League clash trashed the city centre, leaving broken bottles, crushed cans and mountains of rubbish strewn across the street s.

Similar to Scotland, Seville has laws that ban public drinking from bottles and cans – but many punters openly swigged from store-bought containers in front of Spanish police.

The cleanliness of the traveling supporters left much to be desired in the eyes of Seville’s residents, as locals took to social media to complain about the mass littering.

Shocking pictures and videos emerged online showing the extent of debris and wreckage left behind.

One person said: “It is shameful to allow what is happening in Seville right now because of an event that has nothing to do with the city – with the ‘anything goes by’ flag.

“What an embarrassment. This should never be allowed.”

Another said: “Thanks for bringing us this quality tourism, which is leaving our city like a real dunghill.”

A third wrote: “Fans should be ashamed of themselves.

“Football litter louts should be banned from going abroad behaving like this.”

Seville’s municipal authority began a gargantuan clean-up effort immediately after fans began to return home after midnight – deploying litter-pickers, street sweepers and tanker lorries equipped with power washers to drench the streets clean.

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Seville embarked on a huge clean-up operation after the Europa League final
Seville embarked on a huge clean-up operation after the Europa League final

Last night, grief-stricken Teddy Bears began pouring out of the Ramon Jiminez Pizjuan stadium following Aaron Ramsey’s penalty miss that put an end to the team’s Europa League hopes.

Few considered stopping to drown their sorrows on the way home, with many heading straight back to their hotels and rented apartments.

It was a marked contrast to the scenes in the Andalusian capital’s Plaza Alameda de Hercules earlier on Wednesday, where amped-up Light Blues followers partied their hearts out as pre-match fever set in.

Ecstatic Gers, who poured into the square from first thing in the morning, threw back beers for hours ahead of the clash at 9pm local time.

Seville's town hall shared images of the clean-up on social media
Seville’s town hall shared images of the clean-up on social media

Entrepreneurial fans hawked bottles of MD 20/20 and Buckfast for €30 a pop, selling them from benches along the plaza to those willing to stump up.

While the scene was noisy and rowdy, police maintained the hands-off presence they have exhibited throughout the week.

The few confrontations between fans and cops in the hours before the match were isolated and quickly defused.

But Spanish cops have not reported any significant trouble overnight despite isolated clashes between Rangers fans and German ultras earlier on Wednesday and on Tuesday night.

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