Brits trapped on BA plane for five hours after pilot tests positive for Covid in cockpit


England Hockey professional Darcy Bourne, 20 shared her experience of being stuck in Heathrow after the pilot flying her to Barbados tested positive for Covid while in the cockpit

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Brit trapped on BA plane after pilot tests positive for Covid-19

Brits were stuck on a British Airways flight for more than five hours after the pilot received a positive Covid test.

The flight, which was heading to Barbados, was delayed after the pilot received the news while in the cockpit.

Among the passengers was Darcy Bourne, 20, a professional hockey player who plays for England.

She had got on the flight at 9am from London, but almost two hours later, the flight still had not taken off.

The passengers were informed that they could not leave as the pilot had tested positive for the virus.

Ms Bourne, who is from Surrey, spoke about the delay in a series of three TikTok videos.

Darcy Bourne was on board a flight to Barbados when the pilot informed the passengers that he had just tested positive for Covid


TikTok / darcdikdok)

Ms Bourne and the other passengers were given a £4 food voucher and a bottle of rum


TikTok / darcdikdok)

In the first video, she said: “Pilot just got a text saying he tested positive so we’re all stuck on the plane.”

In the video, the pilot can be heard saying: “What we’re currently doing is looking for another pilot to take my place and that process is ongoing, but it’s not going to happen quickly and at the moment we have got people in the process of trying to find someone.”

In the second video, taken in the airport’s departure lounge, Darcy says: “Update: they kicked us all off five hours later and gave us all £4 food vouchers.”

After five hours of waiting and being told to vacate the plane, the passengers were informed that the result was a false positive and they were permitted to board the flight.

Professional hockey player Darcy Bourne landed in Barbados 17 hours later than expected


Darcy Bourne/Instagram)

A full 17 hours after first boarding, the plane landed in Barbados, much to the relief of those onboard.

In a third video – entitled ‘Pilot Got Covid Pt 3’ – Ms Bourne shares the details of what exactly happened on the flight.

She said: “We get on the plane about 9am and are meant to take off at 10am. At 10.45am I am like ‘What is going on?’

“The pilot makes an announcement and he’s like ‘Hey guys, I’m sorry, I just tested positive for Covid.’

“But we’re not allowed to leave our seats. Three hours have gone by and we’re still sitting in our seats…can’t eat, can’t move….come on.

Darcy shared the details of her nightmare journey on TikTok


TikTok / darcdikdok)

“People are getting rowdy, so they let us off the plane and give us £4 food vouchers.

“You can barely even get a water for £4 at the airport.

“Then, two hours after that, so like five hours, they tell us it was a false positive. He never had Covid.

“So we’re back on the plane, it’s all good, except the food has gone off, they had to throw out our food for the ten-hour flight.

“Anyway, fly for ten hours, hungry, it doesn’t matter…17 hours after getting on the plane we arrive.

The hockey pro celebrated her delayed landing with the bottle of rum she was given on board


Darcy Bourne/Instagram)

“Best bit – they give us each a free bottle of Caribbean rum.”

After a long wait, the flight finally landed yesterday around six hours behind schedule

The flight flying from London Heathrow to Bridgetown, Barbados should have taken eight hours and 55 minutes.

The young sports star celebrated her arrival in Barbados by cheering with her free bottle of rum.

The Under 21 pro was a member of the England team under 16s, under 18s and under 21s teams, having played for Surbiton Hockey Club.

Darcy was unable to get out of her seat or eat anything as they waited for further instructions


Darcy Bourne/Instagram)

She previously captained England’s U-16 team, winning a bronze medal at the European Championship and a bronze medal at Six Nations as a junior.

She now plays for Duke in the US.

An image of Ms Bourne protesting at the Black Lives Matter protests in London holding a sign that said ‘Why is ending racism a debate?’ went viral in June 2020, and was reshared by notable people such as Martin Luther King III.

British Airways said in a statement: “We apologised and thanked customers for their patience and understanding while our teams worked hard to replace a pilot at short notice so that they could continue their journey.”

They will be contacting all of the passengers to apologise once again and to provide a gesture of goodwill.

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