Britain’s youngest man with dementia dies at 34 as heartbroken wife pays tribute

Daniel Bradbury, 34, thought he was suffering with depression until a DNA test on his late father revealed that he had inherited early onset dementia and had just years to live

Brave Daniel Bradbury has donated his brain to research in a bid to cure Alzheimer's and dementia
Brave Daniel Bradbury has donated his brain to research in a bid to cure Alzheimer’s and dementia

A man who was believed to be the UK’s youngest person with dementia has lost his battle with the devastating disease.

Daniel Bradbury, 34, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at just 30 years old in September 2017, when it was thought that he could be the youngest Brit to have the condition.

The dad of two from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, shared his heartbreak two years later when genetic testing revealed that not only had he inherited the gene, but that he could have passed it onto his children.

But the brave and selfless father has left behind a beautiful legacy after he donated his brain to research in bid to find a cure for his condition.

His wife Jordan shared a heart-breaking tribute, stating that it was time for her “Mr Blue Eyes” to rest as he passed away in October last year.

The incredible dad managed to raise £20,000 before he died to have a last bucket list holiday with his family


The remaining funds were placed in a trust fund for his young twins, Jasper and Lola


She said: “We are all beyond heartbroken.

“It was time to rest, wasn’t it my love? Time for peace. You deserve every ounce of it.

“You were dealt one of the worst hands but somehow always tried your best and upmost to be you.

“I wish we had more time. I will forever be your Jord and you my Dan.

“I will do my best to keep all of the promises I made to you, including squeezing the children a little tighter so that they know its from both of us.

“We will all miss you, we love you more than you can imagine. Until we meet again my love.”

Daniel managed to remember his vows at a teary-eyed wedding ceremony before he passed



Daniel had inherited the gene from his father, Adrian who also suffered the same cruel fate, losing his battle at just 36.

But the devastated family had only discovered this 25 years after Daniel lost his dad, when he began showing symptoms and decided to have a preserved sample of his father’s blood tested.

After showing signs of depression, Daniel lost his job as an engineer when it appeared that he was ‘underperforming’.

But when he started to struggle with his memory and mobility he believed that something wasn’t right and decided to have his dad’s and his own DNA tested.

At the time, doctors warned that Daniel would unlikely live past his 30s, as people rarely live past the age of the person they inherited the condition from.

The brave dad used his final years to shout about Alzheimer’s and dementia as much as possible to raise awareness


Tristan Potter /

Daniel and Jordan tied the knot in 2018



The family decided to launch a fundraiser to pay for a bucket list holiday together at Disneyland Florida.

Overwhelmed with donations, they gathered nearly £20,000 and explained that the remaining £10,000 had been paid into a trust fund for Daniel’s young twins, Jasper and Lola, 4.

Speaking in 2019, Daniel’s wife Jordan said: “It’s the longest and cruelest goodbye. I’m watching the love of my life literally disappear before my eyes.

“And it’s a double whammy because not only am I losing my soulmate and best friend, but he may have passed the gene to our children. So I might have to repeat the experience when they are older and start to show symptoms.”

The couple tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in 2018 and even welcomed special guest, BAFTA award winning actress Vicky McClure.

Daniel was devastated to learn the twins could also have the gene


Tristan Potter /

Daniel and the actress became friends while raising awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society.

They also worked together on a new BBC documentary, My Dementia Choir, as Vicky’s grandmother died from dementia.

Speaking to the Mirror at the time of her wedding, Jordan said: “I was worried Dan would be really emotional and forget what he wanted to say in his vows, but he spoke from the heart. He was so clear and calm, he didn’t miss eleven.

“He told me to remember how he feels about me and that he will feel that way forever, even when the disease takes hold and he can’t show me. It was wonderful to hear those words.

“It was me who got quite emotional towards the end of my vows.

Daniel and his family


“I tried to hold my breath so I wouldn’t cry, but I ended up sobbing the last few words. I couldn’t help myself. Thankfully Dan understood me

“The next day we sat down and looked through all the photographs. If his memory of him starts to fade, we will have all those photographs and the video to show him how perfect our day was and how happy we were.

The Alzheimer’s Society have also paid tribute to Dan as they issued a call for people to consider donating to help the charity find a cure.

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