Britain’s ‘unluckiest dog’ can’t find a home and is let down by adopters yet again

Dillon, a nine-year-old Lurcher, based in Cornwall, is desperately looking for a new home having been in rescue for two years after his owner passed away

Dillon is hoping he might find a home in time for Christmas
Dillon is hoping he might find a home in time for Christmas

A lurcher who has been dubbed one of ‘Britain’s unluckiest dogs’ has sadly been let down by potential adopters yet again.

The dog, called Dillon, was found laying beside his dead owner in 2019, and has been waiting for a forever home for two years, Cornwall Live reports.

His loyalty and charming good looks have seen the public fall in love with him – yet the National Animal Welfare Trust, in Hayle, Cornwall, is struggling to find him a family to call his own in time for Christmas.

The nine-year-old dog loves walks, cuddles and attention, and nearly hit the jackpot when a potential owner showed interest in the lurcher last weekend. But the adoption fell through after years of failed rehoming attempts.

The poor pooch hasn’t got it statistically easy, with black dogs typically being more difficult to rehome, and lurchers often end up in shelters.

Dillon the dog – a Lurcher who was rescued two years ago lying next to the body of his former owner after their death and who is now desperately searching for a new home


National Animal Welfare Trust/ SWNS)

Dillon has never lived with or walked with another dog before his owner’s death, and during his time at the Cornish rescue, has seen countless other dogs come and go while he patiently waits his turn.

The Lurcher, who is a young dog at heart, was taken into a shelter at the National Animal Welfare Trust when he was found protecting and watching over his elderly owner after they passed away.

After a trial living with another dog, it was clear this wasn’t going to be an option as Dillon is “too used to being an only child to share”.

Following the trial he was back at the centre again, and it was time to try and find him a new owner based in Cornwall and more have fallen through in that time.


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In an update posted this weekend, National Animal Welfare Trust said the team was “absolutely devastated” to share the news that Dillon would be staying with them a little longer.

“Through no fault of his own the customer decided they would wait for a Labrador as they don’t usually own lurchers and one that could play with family dogs that visit,” they wrote, saying that most people who had enquired already had other pets, which would not be suitable.

Amy Hall, Fundraising and Supporter Relations Officer for NAWT, says he is a deeply loving and affectionate pet.

Black dogs like Dillon are typically harder to rehome, as well as lurchers being an unlucky breed due to some personality quirks


National Animal Welfare Trust SWNS)

She said: “He’s a really great dog, but he just needs the right person. We’ve had a few people interested but for one reason or another they’ve not quite worked out.

“The thing with his age is he attracts people looking for more of a dog that sits with you, whereas Dillon in his heart is still a bit of a puppy.

“He will settle down with you and relax too, but he likes to go out in the fields and have a nice walk – after which he likes to just chill.

“He’s just a lovely big puppy at heart”.

If you think you can find a loving home for Dillon head to the website to download an application form, call The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) on 01736 756005 or email [email protected] .

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