Brit worker missing in Afghanistan after being seized at gunpoint by the Taliban

Foreign office officials are desperately trying to locate married British worker, Grant Bailey, who has gone missing in Afghanistan following his arrest by the Taliban

Grant Bailey

Fears are growing for a British worker who went missing in Afghanistan after being seized by the Taliban.

Grant Bailey, in his 50s, was arrested by Taliban police during a security clampdown in the capital Kabul.

Foreign Office officials are urgently trying to locate where the married worker is being held – and who has him.

It is feared Mr Bailey, who was working for a Non Government Organisation in Afghanistan, is being held in one of Kabul notorious prison complexes.

A UK security source told the Daily Mirror he was last heard from on Saturday and had been arrested at gunpoint.

The Taliban have been executing a security clampdown


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It is believed he had worked for some years in Afghanistan and returned recently, despite the breakdown in security and the western withdrawal.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “We were quite surprised he went back to Kabul after the western withdrawal as the security situation there is obviously much worse.

“Added to that the Taliban government is making it very difficult for the few ex-pats working there, making it very difficult to travel.

“A lot of people are trying to get to the bottom of what has happened to him, where he is being held and under what charges,”

It is believed Mr Bailey, who is married and from southern England, returned to Afghanistan in September, just weeks after the Taliban takeover.

The new Taliban government took over running Afghanistan shortly after storming the capital in August, sparking a mass withdrawal. of western troops, support staff and Afghans who aided them.

The Taliban takeover effectively ended 20 years of war against NATO forces, during which 457 British troops were killed.

But now millions are facing starvation with the US freezing more than £8bn in aid money and with a staggering 98 percent of Afghans not having enough food.

A staggering ten million Afghans out of a total population of 40 million are facing famine and risk of disease is soaring because the sanitation infrastructure is crumbling.

Foreign officials are desperately trying to locate Mr Bailey



British troops joined a US-led coalition in storming Afghanistan just weeks after al-Qaeda’s 9-11 atrocities killed close to 3,000 in the US.

They were initially hunting down 9-11 mastermind Osama bin Laden but the mission turned into a counter-insurgency operation against the Taliban.

Now al-Qaeda’s even more brutal offshoot Islamic State is growing in Afghanistan and ironically the Taliban are fighting against the insurgent force.

China and Russia have pumped millions into the Taliban-controlled country, which has become the poorest in Asia, in a bid to seize part-control.

And the Taliban are engaged in a brutal clampdown on anyone who helped western forces, such as translators and other security workers.

Many Afghans have gone missing, presumably killed by Taliban security officials.

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