Brit on Miami stag do killed after being run over by woman who stole his credit cards

Steven Beech, 38, from Blackpool, was deliberately knocked down by Latravia Reed during a stag weekend in Miami, in the US, and died after suffering a head trauma

Steven Beech, right, with his partner Elizabeth, center, and their friend Emma

An inquest has heard how a woman deliberately ran over a British tourist who was in Miami for a stag do – and then stole his credit cards and tried to go on a spending spree.

Steven Beech, 38, from Blackpool, was intentionally mowed down by Latravia Reed during a stag weekend in the states and died two days later on May 28, 2018 after suffering a head trauma.

Mr Beech had moved to California in 2013 to become an instrument sales manager and was due to relocate to New York for work, an inquest at Blackpool town hall heard.

However, he was tragically killed when Reed ran him down in a car park and then drove off with his credit cards and cash.

Latravia Chantae Reed, 33, has been charged with first-degree murder and lesser offenses in connection with the hit-and-run death of Steven Beech

Steven was last seen by his friends at around 3.30am on May 26, leaving a bar accompanied by Reed, the inquest heard.

The pair were caught on CCTV driving into a hotel car park in a blue Hyundai Veloster at 4.06am, shortly after withdrawing cash from cash machines in the neighbourhood.

Steven exited the car and waited for Reed to follow, however, she attempted to drive off with his credit cards and money.

Steven, left, with his sister Maz and brother-in-law Stephen


He bravely stood in front of the car and placed his hands on the bonnet, but was mowed down by Reed, hitting his head on the pavement, the inquest was told.

A large thump noise was heard, according to witness Justin Pallack who told police about the incident.

Mr Pallack said he saw a blue vehicle fleeing the scene and saw a white male laying in the lane, bleeding heavily from his head.

Steven was taken to hospital, where he was placed on life support and tragically died of blunt head trauma two days later.

Steven with his rescue dog Charlie


However, he went on to save the lives of two other people, donating both his kidneys.

His devastated dad George Beech, 74, told the hearing: “I miss so many things about Steven. The impromptu phone calls in his car from him, waiting to go into appointments, when we chatted about our shared love for United, his beloved dog Charlie, colleagues, his life from him in general.

“Just to hear his voice would light up any day and anyone who met him will remember his huge smile, his big hug and his zest for life.

“He was like the brightest shooting star in the sky. Sadly the brightest ones don’t last the longest.

An inquest at Blackpool town hall heard he’d moved to California in 2013 to become an instrument sales manager and was due to relocate to New York for work.


“He’s left a huge hole in our lives. His sister has lost her big brother who looked out for her.

“His brother-in-law has lost a close friend. His friends have lost someone they could trust and someone they loved to meet up with.

“The greatest sadness is what he was prevented from doing, what was stolen from him. He had so much more to offer the world.

“He was about to relocate to New York and take up a new position with his employer.

“He was robbed of the opportunity to become a father. He would have been a fantastic dad.

“He had so much more to offer in his career, so much more to give to others, with his genuine concern to help other people improve.

“All this was stolen from him, and for what?”

Reed changed her story several times and George said the family are unlikely to ever find out the full story of what happened to Steven that night.

Mr Beech had moved to California in 2013 to become an instrument sales manager and was due to relocate to New York for work



After killing Steven, Reed, 33, from Doral, South Florida, tried to use his credit cards to withdraw cash and make various purchases in shops before she was apprehended.

She pleaded guilty to second degree murder, grand theft and fraud, and was jailed for 13 years in September 2021.

Handing down a conclusion of unlawful killing, coroner Alan Wilson said: “It seems to me that this was a vehicle being used as a weapon.

“It seems clear that this is a matter that must be concluded on the basis that Steven was unlawfully killed.”

His family have set up a foundation in his name which raises money for the good causes he championed throughout his life, which included organ donation, scientific education, animal welfare, and victim support.

George said: “Steven had wanted to register as a donor from 10, having watched a TV program with his mother.

“He registered to be a donor when he moved to California and was able to save two people’s lives through his kidneys. He would have been pleased with that.”

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