Bride bans fiancé’s pregnant sister from wedding as she wants to be ‘the focal point’

A bride-to-be has said she wants to ban her fiancé’s pregnant sister from their upcoming wedding over fears she’ll steal the spotlight from the couple with her baby bump

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The bride-to-be is refusing to let her fiance’s sister come to the wedding (stock photo)

We all know it’s a cardinal sin to make a grand gesture such as proposing at someone else’s wedding when the spotlight should be on the happy couple – but there seems to be a difference in opinion when it comes to inviting pregnant women to your big day.

While many of us wouldn’t bat an eyelid and would be happy to welcome our friends and family to our wedding regardless of whether they’re pregnant, others see their baby bump as a warning sign, as guests may be tempted to fuss over them instead of keeping their attention on the bride and groom.

The latter is the opinion of one 25-year-old woman on Reddit, who has actually banned her fiancé’s own sister from attending their wedding because she’ll be heavily pregnant at the time.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman explained her future sister-in-law, 17, is due to give birth two weeks after the wedding, and the bride doesn’t want her there as she believes she and her husband-to-be should be the “focal point”.

The decision has caused a rift between the bride and her fiance (stock photo)


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She said: “My fiancé has a 17-year-old little sister who he is close to and whom I really do like. I’m very excited to be her older sister-in-law.

“She was going to be a guest at our wedding, however, a few days ago we found out she is pregnant and plans on having the baby. Now I’m not going to sit here and shame her for her irresponsible actions or anything, but I felt like this was a very big deal.

“She is apparently due two weeks after the wedding. My worry is this: pregnant women require a lot of care and extra accommodation.

“There’s also the risk of her water breaking at my ceremony and taking all the attention off me on my day. Call me selfish but I feel that I and my husband should be the focal point.

“I don’t want to risk her giving birth and needing even more attention that should be placed on me. So I think she shouldn’t be there.”

The woman told her fiancé, 26, she doesn’t want his sister at the wedding – and he accused her of being selfish.

She added: “I told my fiancé and he got unbelievably p***ed off at me. He told me I was being a complete a**hole by not inviting her since he’s her little sister.

“I get that they are very close, but it’s not a good idea. Attention aside, I don’t think a nine-month pregnant teen should be on her feet at a wedding so close to her due date. He told me I was backpedaling and I should be ashamed of myself.

“He then told his whole family and they all are mad at me for suggesting this.”

Commenters on Reddit can’t believe the woman’s cheek, with many of them telling her she needs to be more supportive of her pregnant future sister-in-law.

One person wrote: “This is a girl who is likely to face a lot of ostracism and challenges already and you seem eager to be first in line to make things harder for her. Be careful, because you are showing some true (and unsettling) colors to your future husband and in-laws.”

While another added: “You will ruin your relationship with her forever by not inviting her. By extension, you will damage your relationship with your future husband since they are close. Get over yourself.”

And a third said: “This is someone who is very important to your fiancé. It’s his day too and I’m sure he wants her to be there.”

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