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Adam McKay does not stop reaping triumphs with the criticism of the last season of ‘Succession’. To this must be added the premiere that hits theaters this Friday: ‘Do not look up’, a satirical film that follows the line of previous works by the director such as ‘The great bet’ or ‘Vice’. Of course, full of stars of the stature of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence or Meryl Streep who plays the president of the United States.

‘Don’t Look Up’ tells the story of an astronomy graduate student and her professor make a discovery: there is an orbiting comet in the solar system that is on a direct collision course with Earth. But it seems that nobody cares … so they undertake a media tour to raise awareness about the “planet killer”. It’s only six months to hit, but managing the news flow and gaining the attention of a social media-obsessed audience before it’s too late is quite comedy.

Don’t look up


145 min.


Adam McKay


Adam McKay. History: Adam McKay, David Sirota


Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothée Chalamet

Our critic affirms that “the story is fine”, however, he admits that he saw it more than twenty days ago and “does not remember it well”. The one who has left a mark on him throughout his career is the protagonist, Leonardo DiCaprio, “he is an actor that I have always liked,” says Boyero.

“Choose with a magnifying glass what you want to interpret. He is an actor that I have liked since he appeared in ‘Who does Gilbert Grape love?’. He has a very broad record and chooses very well who he wants to work with ”, he develops.

For the one who does not have such good words is for the director, Adam McKay: “I don’t quite like his films. He is a guy who sometimes gets too smart ”.

‘Three floors’, his favorite at the Cannes Film Festival

He saw Nanni Moretti’s new film at the Cannes Film Festival and was his candidate to win the Palme d’Or. But, as the critic acknowledges: “As always, my opinion almost never coincides with that of the illustrious jurors.” “This time I took a rebound, because they gave it to the lady who fucks with cars and has a titanium son,” says Boyero.

Three floors


119 min.


Nanni Moretti


Nanni Moretti, Federica Pontremoli, Valia Santella. Novel: Eshkol Nephew


Riccardo Scamarcio, Alba Rohrwacher, Nanni Moretti, Margherita Buy

‘Tres Flats’ tells the story of three families whose apartments are in the same middle-class block. A young married couple who suspect that their neighbor has abused their daughter. A mother of two whose husband is always away working. And, a retired judge who does the same job as her husband.

“It was one of the few that interested me. He is a dramatic, even tragic Moretti. All three stories are well told. It has dramatic power ”, the critic says.

Kim Basinger turns 68

The ‘sex symbol’ of the 80s turns 68 today. The actress first became known as a Bond girl in “Never Say Never Again” and rose to fame with one of the best-known strip films in cinema in “Nine and a Half Weeks.” In 1997 she reached the peak of her career with ‘LA Confidential’, a work that would earn her the Oscar for best supporting actress.

But what happened to Basinger? “The same as with so many actresses who enjoyed all the splendor, who were beautiful women and who get old and the producers forget,” says Boyero.

Although in the 2000s the actress continued her career with fellow cast members Michael Douglas or Robert De Niro, Basinger did not reap any success. His last appearance on the big screen was in 2018 in the last ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ movie. “All my respect for the talent of Kim Basinger,” concludes the critic.

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