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This Friday one of the biopics most anticipated, ‘Spencer’. This film directed by Pablo Larraín, who already has experience in this film biographical with titles like ‘Jackie’ or ‘Neruda’, count lDiana of Wales’ last Christmas break at Windsor House.

“It is a very curious film with a desperate tone that speaks of a person who feels deeply alone and who wants to escape from a situation that has been suffocating them for many years. You see a very neurotic person, who lives in a continuous fog and manages to transmit it, ”says Boyero.

The person who plays Lady Di is Kristen Stewart, who since the first images of the film were leaked the public has already seen that resemblance in the caracteristic look of Princess Diana. “It manages to convey the anguish and loneliness of this lady in a corseted world,” says the actress’s critic.



111 minutes


Pablo Larrain


Steven Knight


Kristen Stewart, Jack Farthing, Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins and more.

For Carlos Boyero there is nothing more horrifying than spending the Christmas holidays with the Royal Family: “First they get a lot of cold, because apparently it is very Elegant and very kingly about being cold at Christmas. There is no heating in that huge palace. Between dressing, undressing, dressing again for a snack, seeing each other againstir for tea, again for dinner … They consume there all their lives ”.

“The Serie ‘The Crown ‘has done the English royal family a huge favorThey even seem human to you, ”says the critic.

‘The power of the dog’: “The characters don’t make me hooked “

Netflix’s big bet for the Oscars hits theaters this Friday in the form of a modern western. Adaptation of Thomas’s novel Savage, ‘The Power of the Dog’, features Jane’s address Campionand a cast of height with Benedict Cumber batch, Jesse Plemonsand Kirsten Dunst.

The power of the dog


128 minutes


Jane Campion


Jane Campion


Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst, Kodi Smit-McPhee y más.

“I had high expectations for Jane Campion, which is a director that I like a lot, direct impeccably. In the movie, everything is murky, even sordid. It is a psychological movie. There is a dead cowboy who is the continuous evocation of one of them and you sense that there has been a homosexual history ”, explains Boyero.

Although for the critic Benedict Cumberbatch is an impeccable actor and the movie is visually appealing, can’t get hooked on those characters: I find everything unfriendly and cold. I need to love some character or identify with them. When the distance is absolute and brutal it costs me plus, although what they tell is well narrated ”.

Mel Gibson to direct and star in ‘Lethal Weapon 5’

Richard To give, the director of the four previous films, was writing the draft of the next installment, but he passed away this July and before he died he told Mel Gibson: “listen, boy, if I kick the bucket you will do it”, according to has declared the actor. So that Gigson will be put with the fifth installment of ‘Lethal Weapon 5’, although the co-star, Danny Glover, is not confirmed yet.

“Nor is it one of my favorite sagas. the first one could have made me quite amused. Mthe GI think ibson is a remarkable actor and above all a very good director, have films excellent as Apocalypto. But his behaviour in life is not too orthodox”, Sentence Boyero.

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