Boy, 14, ‘too terrified’ to attend school due to ‘bullies making life a misery’

A 14-year-old boy has been left too terrified to go to school after six months of alleged relentless bullying by fellow pupils.

Zahoor Hussain says his teenage son Rehaan is ‘scared stiff’ to attend President Kennedy School in Coventry and no longer feels safe there due to persistent harassment and threats.

The dad says Reehan’s education is being impacted as a result, as he is constantly distracted by cruel taunts from other pupils in class, according to Birmingham Live.

He is also said to be suffering physically and mentally from the stress of attending school under such circumstances.

Concerned Zahoor contacted Coventry Live and shared with them a TikTok video of students tormenting Rehaan which was sent to his phone.

Bullies are alleged to have also taken pictures of the family from his Facebook page, defaced them and circulated the images around school.

Concerned father Zahoor said: “It worries us that it’s going to affect his studies, his confidence. We’ve tried to solve the problem inside of school. He’s scared stiff.”

Mum Saira added: “My husband gets frustrated – he’s gone to the school, to the teachers. It’s not being solved inside of school. He [Rehaan] is always in his own thoughts. Kids are now scared to become his friend of him.”

The couple claim the school had spoken to the boys responsible, but claimed nothing had been done to speak to their parents or get the families together, with the school allegedly suggesting Rehaan leave early to avoid his packs of tormenters.

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Rehaan has since taken to waiting inside the library until dad Zahoor, a taxi driver, can collect him from the school gates.

The youngster said he is too terrified to walk to school alone. “I feel nervous walking the corridors,” Rehaan said. “I want to do the story to let people know and let them be aware.”

In addition to the online and physical torment, Rehaan claims the gangs of bullies regularly spread rumors about his family. “I just don’t like hearing that,” Rehaan said. “I try to stay as happy as I can when they come up to me.”

Screenshots of Whatsapp messages the youngster received from one individual, which have been flagged with the school, read: “I am going to slap the living s*** out of you.” Another message is a family photo taken from Rehaan’s Facebook page with the caption “f*** you”.

CoventryLive contacted President Kennedy School over the course of a week to put the family’s concerns to the headteacher Neil Clayton. I have declined to comment.

There is guidance around cyberbullying listed on the school’s website. West Midlands Police confirmed it was investigating reports of a child being harassed and threatened at the school.

A police spokesperson said: “We are working closely with a school in Coventry, following reports of a child being harassed and threatened by other students. Our investigations remain ongoing.”

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