Bouncer called N-word says ‘it was worse than stab threats’ as woman jailed for rant


Tristan Price, 26, was working as a doorman at a Wetherspoons in Birmingham city centre when he was subjected to the vile tirade by Sharna Walker on May 22 this year

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Birmingham: ‘Woman uses racial slur and spits towards bouncer’

A bouncer who was called the N-word by a drunk woman said her racist rant has stayed in his head as she was jailed this week.

Tristan Price was working as a doorman at the Wetherspoons in Birmingham city centre when he was subjected to the vile tirade by Sharna Walker on May 22 this year.

The 26-year-old had booted the drinker out of the Figure of Eight pub when she flew into a rage and started screaming before pushing Tristan and calling him the N-word.

On Monday Walker, 25, was jailed after she pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault and criminal damage after smashing a pub door.

Tristan Price was working as a doorman at a Wetherspoons in Birmingham


BPM Media)

Tristan, who still works as a doorman but no longer at the pub, told the Mirror it was the first time he had been racially abused as a bouncer and he found her words ‘hurtful’.

He said: “Being racially abused was worse than being threatened with violence as you’re prepared for violence in my job.

“People have tried to fight me and punch me and I’ve even had knives pulled out on me but those incidents have left my head quickly. What she said hasn’t.

Sharna Walker had been kicked out of the pub



“But I have to move on as I can’t let those hurtful words drag me down and be like a ball and chain.”

Walker’s racist rant was caught on camera and the disturbing footage quickly went viral online sparking outrage and widespread condemnation.

“I was in disbelief when she started calling me the N-word,” Tristan said.

“She pushed me because she wanted a reaction out of me and when she couldn’t get a reaction out of me she took it there.

Her racist tirade was caught on camera



“If someone is violent towards me I can defend myself but when someone is verbally abusive my hands are tied and I just have to take the abuse.

“Some people say she was drunk but drunk minds speak sober thoughts.

“When I get drunk I’m happy. You can’t make an excuse that she was drunk because what she said was inexcusable. By saying she was drunk you are saying it’s ok to be racist and it’s not ok.”

Walker hurled racist abuse at Tristan Price, 26

Walker sobbed as she was being jailed at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

However Tristan had withdrawn his support for the prosecution so did not attend the hearing.

Tristan explained: “After the video went viral I decided enough had been done and people seeing it would have been worse than any punishment the court would have given her.

The 25-year-old arriving at court


BPM Media)

Tristan said he has had to move on


Tristan Price)

“I was shocked when I heard she had been jailed as racists are usually given a slap on the wrist.

“After the World Cup you could see how comfortable and free people felt to show their racism by abusing the black English footballer.”

As well as being jailed Walker was banned from going into the Figure of Eight for two years unless the landlord gives her express permission and ordered to pay Tristan £500 compensation.

Walker was jailed for 14 weeks


West Midlands Police / SWNS)

“I did not expect Walker to be jailed as racists feel they have free range to say whatever they want,” Tristan said.

“Walker being jailed is in the public’s interest because it is a valuable lesson and example of how you’re not going to get away with being a racist anymore.”

Birmingham Police Chief Inspector James Spencer, said: “This was an disgraceful incident and people were understandably disgusted at her actions.

“Racist behaviour is completely unacceptable. We will robustly investigate crimes of this nature and offenders can expect to be prosecuted.”

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