Boris Johnson news today: Welsh secretary resigns after PM sacks Michael Gove and refuses to quit

Sajid Javid says he will ‘never risk losing integrity’ during PMQs resignation speech

Wales secretary Simon Hart has tendered his resignation, saying there seems “no other option left”.

It comes after housing secretary Michael Gove was sacked by Boris Johnson just hours after he told the prime minister he should step down.

Mr Johnson continues to defy a chorus of calls from his own team to resign, according to a senior ally.

A source close to the prime minister told The Independent he was insisting on staying, even though support for his leadership has collapsed at Westminster, and more than 40 ministers and aides have resigned in 24 hours.

In a day of high political drama, even home secretary Priti Patel, one of Mr Johnson’s most staunch supporters, sided with the Cabinet delegation that went to Downing Street to present him with their demand he quit.

The group also included Kwasi Kwarteng, transport secretary Grant Shapps and Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis.

Mr Shapps is thought to have told Mr Johnson he stood little chance of winning another confidence vote and should instead set out a timetable for a departure on his own terms.


Full story: Suella Braverman says she will continue in her role despite calling for PM to quit

The government’s most senior law officer has called on Boris Johnson to resign after the prime minister suffered a third cabinet resignation due to his refusal to leave office, but said she will continue as attorney general.

Suella Braverman said Mr Johnson had handled matters “appallingly” in recent days and that “the balance has tipped now in favor of saying that the prime minister – it pains me to say it – but it’s time to go”.

Ms Braverman, previously a firm Johnson loyalist, said she would stand in a contest to replace him as Tory leader.

She also told ITV’s Robert Peston that she wants to replace Mr Johnson as PM.

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Watch: ‘Enough is enough’, says Sajid Javid as he calls on ministers to oust Boris Johnson

‘Enough is enough’, says Sajid Javid as he calls on ministers to oust Boris Johnson

Emily Atkinson7 July 2022 03:00


‘His reign is over’: How foreign media reacted as Boris Johnson was hit by resignations

With Boris Johnson battling to sure up his premiership after multiple ministerial resignations, foreign media are trying to assess how much longer the British PM will be in power.

Some commentators are certain that the latest events are the nail in the coffin for Mr Johnson’s leadership. However, others are wary of predicting the fall of a leader who has miraculously survived multiple scandals and determinedly clung on as prime minister.

“Boris Johnson’s reign is in free-fall”, was the assessment of Rob Harris in the Sydney Morning Herald.

My colleague holly bancroft have more:

Emily Atkinson7 July 2022 02:30


What do this morning’s papers have to say as calls for Boris Johnson to resign continue to plague Whitehall?

(The Independent)

(The New Statesman)


(The Telegraph)


(The Times)

(The Mirror)

Emily Atkinson7 July 2022 02:00


Watch: Johnson says Tories need to ‘love each other’ as he faces calls to quit

Johnson says Tories need to ‘love each other’ as he faces calls to quit

Emily Atkinson7 July 2022 01:30


Boris Johnson refuses to resign after dramatic No 10 confrontation with cabinet ministers

The prime minister told the delegation he plans to “fight on” despite an extraordinary collapse in support that included more than 40 resignations.

He told colleagues he remains “focused on the important issues facing the country”, The Independent was told. His refusal to resign led to Welsh secretary Simon Hart quitting cabinet hours later and set the scene for further likely walkouts to come.

Our deputy political editor Rob Merrick reports:

Emily Atkinson7 July 2022 01:00


Matt Hancock rules out leadership bid

Former health secretary Matt Hancock has ruled out running in a potential Tory leadership race, but told ITV’s Robert Peston that he is “happy to serve” in government.

Emily Atkinson7 July 2022 00:30


Watch: Who could replace Boris Johnson in the role of prime minister?

Who could replace Boris Johnson in the role of prime minister?

Emily Atkinson7 July 2022 00:00


Boris Johnson’s flagship leveling up department left with only one paid minister after Gove sacked

Following a string of resignations and the sacking of Michael Gove, the head of the department, only one paid minister remained at the Department for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities on Wednesday night.

Emily Atkinson6 July 2022 23:45


Less than a fifth of MPs support Boris Johnson – reports

Emily Atkinson6 July 2022 23:26

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