Boris Johnson leaving No10 is priority as energy crisis spells calamity for UK – Record View

Households are about to experience their biggest cut in disposable income since the forties thanks to soaring prices and energy bills.

It is a calamity we knew was coming and any decent government would have moved heaven and earth to stop it.

But we have a Tory cabal in Number 10 whose only priority is protecting the interests of their rich pals in the City of London.

So today’s report in the Daily Record about the coming price rises this year makes a worrying read – but it is also a call to action.

Because every opposition MP – whether they are Labour, SNP or Lib Dem – must now make it their absolute priority to get rid of Boris Johnson.

Whether they support independence or the union, free market solutions or state intervention, red rosettes or yellow or gold, does not matter one bit.

It is simply a matter of vital national importance that we get a Prime Minister in place who understands the scale of the cost of living crisis, and offers us a way out.

Consumer-price inflation – the price of goods in the shops – is going to go above seven per cent in April.

Food, fuel and services, even the price of a pint and a Greggs pie, are all going to shoot up.

On top of that there are national insurance tax rises coming down the tracks in the next few weeks.

The chancellor Rishi Sunak has tinkered around the edges.

He put up cash for a council tax rebate – also adopted now in Scotland – and a get-it-now-pay-later fuel bill cut.

But this is nowhere near a big enough response to really help families cope.

Squeezing the big oil producers and their soaring profits with a heavy duty windfall tax would bring billions into government coffers.

That money could then be targeted at the poorest households to make sure nobody goes under during the coming storm.

That would mean confronting the big business friends of the Tories – so it is unlikely to happen until Boris Johnson and his cronies are kicked out of office.

The sooner the better for all of us.

dementia champ

SIR Jackie Stewart is a Scottish sporting legend – known around the world for his grit and determination on and off the track.

During his glittering career he wasn’t just a Formula One champion, he also campaigned hard to improve safety standards in the sport – saving lives in the process.

Now he has turned that same sense of purpose to the fight against one of Scotland’s silent killers – dementia.

He set up the charity Race Against Dementia (RAD) after his wife Helen was diagnosed with the illness.

His wife now has no short-term memory and Sir Jackie has described the effect of dementia on families as “horrendous”.

In the Daily Record today we tell how he is now funding a cutting-edge project at Edinburgh University aimed at finding treatments for this illness – which could kill one in three people born today.

The doctors and researchers working hard to find a cure in the Scottish capital will no doubt be grateful for Sir Jackie’s financial support.

They will be equally honored to have such a respected and dogged campaigner fighting for them every step of the way.

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