Boris Johnson hosted quizzes and munched cheese while the rest of us put our lives on hold – Record View

Scots will look back on the past two years as a time of heartbreak and unbearable sacrifice.

Lockdown prevented us from seeing loved ones, banned attendance at weddings and funerals and placed restrictions on everyday life.

These curbs were necessary to combat a deadly disease that ripped through society and cut so many lives tragically short.

The least we could have expected was for the political leaders to comply with the rules they imposed.

The reality is senior figures in Downing Street were partying hard while voters suffered and cried.

Both men have been fined by the Met police for breaking lockdown rules

Yesterday’s confirmation that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak would be issued with fixed penalty notices over lockdown-
breaching parties was gut-wrenching.

We already knew from media exposés that Johnson and his ilk had ignored Covid rules but to have it confirmed was still a sucker punch.

The ends, it should never be forgotten, came after adamant denials of law-breaking by Johnson himself.

On December 7, he had the brass neck to claim: “I can tell you all the guidelines were followed, at all times.”

The truth is Johnson hosted quizzes and munched cheese while the rest of us put lives on hold.

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Far from being a straight-talking politician who “got Brexit done”, Johnson is a serial liar who should be drummed out of Downing Street.

And yet, despite breaking the law, he clings to office by disgracefully using the Ukraine crisis as a life raft.

We hold no candle for anyone in this rotten Tory cabinet but there are plenty of others who could hold the line on Ukraine. It does not have to be Johnson.

The Prime Minister’s actions raise a more fundamental question. If breaking the law does not warrant an immediate resignation, what would?

Are we now living in our own Trumpian nightmare where complying with the rules is considered voluntary by right-wing leaders?

In a crowded Tory field, Johnson is the worst Prime Minister the UK has ever had. His continued presence of him in office is a stain on the country.

Sunak is not much better. Only recently have we found out that the Chancellor’s wife is a “non dom”, which provides huge tax advantages.

While Sunak raises the taxes of ordinary people, his own household benefits from an out-of-date tax rule that saves his rich wife a fortune.

Little wonder Sunak, who appears allergic to transparency, also believed the lockdown rules did not apply to him.

The wider danger with ‘partygate’ is that Johnson and Sunak remaining in post damages faith in our political institutions.

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Tory MPs must do the decent thing and remove this lying Prime Minister.

A failure to act puts our democracy in danger.

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