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We are excited about the Chanel Terrero moment. Fascinated that her winning song contains, according to a study published in this newspaper, 61.4% of words in Spanish, 28.7% in English and 9.9% onomatopoeias, boom boom and things like that. We love his choreography and that mail of Cristina Pedroche exercising with her morning routine to the rhythm of Slow motion, the controversial song (well, it’s not that the song is controversial, what is controversial is the jury’s decision). How fast is Pedroche! With her gesture, she can reveal to us that she would change Chicote for Chanel as a partner in Puerta del Sol to star in the most Ready Y monetary end of the year.

And he likes that there are only female protagonists in all this eurovision commotion. I also have nothing against renaming you Chanel, Armani or Balenciaga. Years ago, together with Ana García Siñeriz, I presented a program called Channel nº 4. I know a couple of gentlemen who call their puppies Coco, the boy, and Chanel, the little girl. As Pablo Urdangarin would say: these are things that happen.

And today I can confess that I know what a “professional jury” feels when they have to choose between Chanel, Rigoberta or Tanxugueiras. We know that the new is never liked and it is not easy to choose the song that represents TVE in Eurovision. I speak not without some experience: I was a professional jury. In 2008, accompanying Raffaella Carrà and Loles León in the presentation of the selection galas. Carrà, who loved Spain, was worried that Chikilicuatre would win and represent us in the competition, which in the end did happen. At the gates of the contest, like Rigoberta and Tanxugueiras, La Casa Azul stayed with its song the sexual revolution, which today is almost an anthem. “If Chikilicuatre wins, what do we do?” Carrà asked. We did not know what to answer, we were not Ready. Chikilicuatre was an idea that emerged in Andreu Buenafuente’s program to air the antipathy that some feel towards Eurovision. They don’t enjoy it, they see it as grotesque, instead of assimilating it as a European Union that integrates pop with Ready and the boom boom with the flow in a contest of nations, feathers and verbs.

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Chikilicuatre happened, it was a bad joke. The popular vote that elected him was strengthened, but a sieve was necessary to avoid future messes. That is the preventive origin of the professional jury. Then it happens that songs are chosen for Eurovision clinging to music and tastes that evolve at a supersonic rate. For example, Slow motion It would be a guaranteed triumph if they had presented it three or four years ago. But now Rigoberta and Tanxugueiras will see how their songs survive and go from Ready Alabama monetaryand with popular support. as it happened with the sexual revolution of The Blue House.

Eurovision dominates. Deconstruct. Move. Even the triumph of Rafael Nadal has been affected at an informative level. Also overshadowed is the agenda of Pedro Sánchez, a pilgrim in Dubai, very close to the current residence tax free of the king emeritus, whom it was not necessary to visit (but which does require confusing statements, little Ready). It was like arriving in Santiago de Compostela and not embracing the Apostle or the Tanxugueiras. Everything seems to indicate that Juan Carlos was so occupied with the votes of the popular jury, he himself voted for Chanel, who could not meet with the President, who for his part had the song in his head all the time Ow momby Rigoberta Bandini.

In Telecinco the somewhat tambourine statements of Bárbara Rey assuring that Mustache Arrocet deceived her, did not resist the push of the Benidorm Fest either. The same thing happened with the unexpected revelation of Nicole Coste, the black mother of Alberto de Monaco’s out-of-wedlock son, stating that in the Principality they love her more than the blonde princess Charlene. How much more evidence do we need to recognize the power of Eurovision?

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