Bolton Wanderers boss Ian Evatt on Morecambe, League One season ambitions and upgrade sought

Bolton Wanderers will be looking to make it five League One wins in a row when they take on Morecambe this weekend.

The Wanderers have won their last four games in the division and head to Mazuma Stadium looking to extend that streak.

The Shrimps are currently 21st in the table and will try to get back on the winning track themselves at the third down.

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Bolton can go as high as ninth should they pick up three points and results elsewhere on the day go their way.

Before the match, Wanderers boss Ian Evatt spoke to the press and here’s what he had to say to the announcers in full ahead of the weekend’s clash.

How does he shape up ahead of Morecambe?

“Everything good. I think there are one or two tired bodies, but other than that, we are fine.”

Do you have a good headache with this game and is it what you wanted?

“Absolutely. We have a squad of players who are eager and ready to play and make a good impression, especially the new ones, so we have to make decisions and we will take each game as it really comes and we will see the opponents, see the strengths and weaknesses. , and pick a team accordingly.”

Does that come into play now that maybe it didn’t before the opposition, since you can carefully consider what might be necessary to get a result?

“Yeah. Obviously, before we just didn’t have the options off the bench. Now if Plan A isn’t working, we’ve got Plan B, C, D actually sitting on the bench and we can affect games from there, but I’m pleased with where we’re at. We’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us, but the guys are really bouncing back at the moment.”

The expectation that you will be aware of has been raised. That only goes with improvement, doesn’t it?

“Well, I prefer there to be anticipation than not, of course, and I’m never afraid to have confidence in my team, which has probably been a hurdle for me this year, but I know I’ll be smiling in the end. .

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“For now, we just have to focus on what we’re doing, focus on actions instead of words, and keep getting better game after game, week after week.”

How hard is it to do that? You have four wins in a row, you haven’t conceded a goal, everyone connected with Bolton Wanderers wants that streak to continue and does that bring a bit more responsibility and pressure?

“Everyone wants to continue racing, but unfortunately every race has to end sooner rather than later, but for now, we are focused on trying to continue as much as we can and if we keep clean sheets, it gives us a very good chance of winning games. So keep defending well as a team, keep that intensity and energy levels high and high.

“That comes down to freshness and team rotation, but we’re in a much better place than we were a month ago. A week in football is a long time and I think we’ve highlighted that more than most this season really and this window. ”

Is confidence an important part of that improvement?

“I think confidence comes from positive results. I think obviously players and existing players see new players come into the building with the ability that they have and then the training levels go up and in turn that lifts and lifts everyone and increases their own performance.

“I think that’s happened. I think the players coming back, like Gethin, have had a huge impact on the team. It really is a mix of all of the above. We’re happy with where we are, but for us and Bolton Wanderers and where I want to take this club, half the table is not enough.

“We don’t want to be in the middle of the table. We want to keep working hard and finish as high as possible. There are still a lot of points to play for.”

How nice is this winning feeling throughout the club right now?

“It’s nice. Of course it is, especially after what we went through in November and December, but it’s not enough. We want more, we want more wins, we want more success, we want to keep the streak going, we want to finish higher than we are. right now, so there’s a lot of hard work to be done.

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“There are 19 games left, a lot of points to play, so we’ll see where we end up.”

You said before that there is much to improve. What do you want players to improve in the short term?

“Everything. Perfection is something that we all aim to achieve, but it is something that does not exist. You have to do it, no matter what level you are at, whether you are Manchester City or Bolton Wanderers, you always want to be better and improve.

“No one has ever achieved perfection in life. It is a word that is talked about a lot but it simply does not exist, it is a myth, and we must continue working and striving to be better every day and that is something we are trying to do. Hard to do.

“We are a team that I think now people are seeing what we are trying to do. We have recruited energy and speed in the team. We are an edge-of-the-seat team and that’s what we want to be.

“We want to be entertained, and I think with the atmosphere in the last couple of home games in particular, our fans enjoy watching us play and that’s what’s important. They work really hard to make money to come watch us play and shop.” merchandise from this football club, the least we can do is try our best to entertain them and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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In the last couple of games, the players seem to be feeding off the energy of the crowd and it’s pushing them.

“I think it’s a two-way street and I think the crowd is also feeding off the energy of the players. It’s a mixture of both and if you combine both then this can be a very difficult place to come and a bit of a strength for us and that’s how we want to do it.”

James Trafford made history by being the first Bolton Wanderers goalkeeper to keep four clean sheets in his first four games…

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“The last thing I saw and understood in football is that it takes 11 players to keep a clean sheet and not just one goalkeeper. As happy as I am for James, it’s not just him.

“He hasn’t had much to do, to be honest. It’s been the way we’ve defended from back to front, front to back, and our central forwards have epitomized our pressing strategy in recent games with their energy and their ethics. of work, and if they keep doing that, then James will have a good chance of keeping a clean sheet and that’s what we want for him.”

At home it hasn’t been a big problem getting results, but away from home, with the exception of Shrewsbury, it has been a bit tricky. What do you want to see in the next away games?

“Performance will bring points, so we need to make sure we perform at the level we can. Each game is going to launch a different challenge.

“MK Dons out, we know what to expect from them, Oxford out, we know what to expect from them, Morecambe out and Burton out are completely different challenges. For me it’s the mind and the mentality that matters on Saturday and we have to go.” with the right mindset and mindset to go and win the game.”

What do you think of how Morecambe has performed in his first season at this level?

“I think they have done very well. I think they are a very connected team and capable of holding on. They have very good players. Cole (Stockton) has done fantastically well and continued his good form from last season to this season.

“They have some good attacking threats and we have to make sure we are on our game. Arthur (Gnahoua) is there and we have known Arthur well since last year. He is capable of putting in very good performances so we have to go.” with the right mindset and mindset and performing the way we’ve done these last four games.”

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