Bolton Tory MP claims £27k expenses for London accommodation despite raking in thousands in rent on capital flat

A Conservative MP from Bolton is claiming £27,000 each year on expenses to pay for accommodation in London – despite already owning a flat in the city.

Mark Logan has received £2,253 in taxpayer’s money each month to pay for rent on a property in London since he first took his seat in the Bolton North East constituency in January 2020.

However, he has also disclosed owning a flat in the city which public records show is worth more than £100,000 and for which he receives more than £10,000 each year.

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Mr Logan also received more than £1,400 in expenses to pay for council tax over the same period.

when the MEN Reached out to Mr Logan’s team to ask for an explanation as to why I would need to rent a property in the Capital When I Already owns one, I was not available to comment.

The rules allow MPs to claim money to pay for accommodation in London so that they can keep a second home near Whitehall provided their constitution is not in the city.

Bolton North East MP Mark Logan

But, Mr Logan’s decision to claim expense money while also profiting from a separate property in the city has raised concerns among opposition leaders.

Nick Peel, Labor leader at Bolton Council and Councilor for Tonge with the Haulgh, said Mr Logan’s actions were ‘morally unjustifiable’.

“It’s completely unacceptable,” Mr Peel told the MEN

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“Whether or not he’s technically breaking rules is not really the issue, the issue is Whether it’s morally right for him to be claiming Taxpayers money does not have to When need.

“It just smacks of right greed and arrogance that someone can do this.”

Councilor Nick Peel, leader of Bolton Labor Party

The figures come from IPSA expenses, which show Mr Logan’s £2,253 rent claim each month, and his Register of Member’s Interests, which highlights he owns a flat with a value of more than £100,000 which gives a rental income of over £10,000 a year .

Specifics about Mr Logan’s IPSA expenses were released under The Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Mr Peel, who was first elected to Bolton Council in 2000, said he felt that taxpayers deserved answers from Mr Logan as to why money was being spent on a second property in London.

“Mr Logan owes it to His Constituents of Bolton North East to tell them exactly what is going on here,” added Mr Peel.

“I’m one of his constituents, so I’d certainly like to know what he’s doing.

“MPs can claim expenses for accommodation because by the nature of the job they often have to but the system isn’t there for people to basically make a profit from, it’s to make sure they’re not out of pocket while doing their duties.

“It seems like Mark Logan could be making a tidy profit from taxpayers money here and that’s morally unjustifiable if it’s the case.”

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