Bogus Celtic scout poses as fake doctor after buying honorary ‘qualification’ online for £60

A Walter Mitty menace has been passing himself off as a doctor and gained entry to the Royal Society for Arts.

Anthony Adams bought a worthless honorary doctorate for $79 (£60) online but bragged about being recognized by the University of California for humanitarian work in Africa.

He has officially changed his name to Dr Anthony Brennan and signed up for the website, which gathers the achievements of bona-fide academics.

On the website, Adams passed off award-winning work by world-famous US scientist Professor Anthony Brennan as his own.

Anthony Adams transforms into Dr Anthony Brennan, fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts

The Record told this week how Adams, 28, admitted in court to passing himself off as a Celtic scout and is due to be sentenced next week.

Our latest revelations show how the attention-seeking fantasist has spent much of his life dreaming up grand alter egos.

He has made a big deal of his fellowship of the RSA, which seeks members whose work furthers the good of mankind.

They have included Sir David Attenborough, Nelson Mandela and Stephen Hawking.

But he used his other fake credentials to meet the fellowship conditions.

Adams has admitted paying £15-a-month membership fees but claims someone else nominated him.

One woman contacted us after she ordered medical supplies from Adams which she needed for her diabetic son. I have failed to send the equipment.

The source, a nurse, told us: “My partner and I got very agitated by the behavior of this man and we scratched away at his background and found he had gone from Anthony Adams to Dr Anthony Brennan.

“He said he was a doctor and there was no question that he meant a medical doctor. He seems to be a bit pathetic but there is a sinister side to him.”

Adams repaid the £170 only after police were called in.

He said his honorary degree from the California Church and University Institute arrived by post because information about his humanitarian work in Ghana had reached the US.

He said: “I have never passed myself off to be a doctor. I do, however, have an honorary title of doctor as I was given an honorary doctorate in alternative health from the CCUI.

“This was around the same time I was nominated for FRSA Fellowship to the Royal Society of Arts due to my volunteering work in my community and abroad, mostly Ghana.

“The honorary degree just came through the post. So I just assumed it was awarded to me for the same reason as why I was given Fellowship to the RSA.”

It is understood Adams did carry out volunteer work in Ghana several years ago.

On, Adams, while posing as Dr Brennan, boasted: “Having worked in the NHS for numerous years, I opted into pre-hospital care to assimilate how medicine works in a more fast paced environment.”

He has changed his name at firms registered with Companies House, like Ayrshire Complementary Therapy Ltd, to Dr Anthony Brennan, claiming to be a health practitioner.

On the website of the North Ayrshire Community Resilience Group, a notice refers to Dr Anthony Adams FRSA, saying: “Anthony was recently awarded a Fellowship from the Royal Society of the Arts and an Honorary Doctorate in Alternate Health for his work.”

It says the doctorate was awarded by the University of California.

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