Bloke who fell in love with own mum confessed to wife they have ‘mind-blowing’ sex


Ben Ford, 32, and his ‘mummy girlfriend’ Kim West, 51, were forced into hiding after their affair came to light, with the couple blaming their relationship on Genetic Sexual Attraction

Ben Ford and his biological mum Kim West had 'mind-blowing' sex
Ben Ford and his biological mum Kim West had ‘mind-blowing’ sex

A man adopted at birth confessed to his wife that he was in love with his biological mum and that they had enjoyed ‘mind-blowing’ sex several times.

Ben Ford, 32, and his mum Kim West, 51, who grew up in London, were forced into hiding after their affair came to light in 2016.

The pair from Michigan, US, had ‘incredible and mind-blowing’ sex after Ben wrote to his mum in search of his biological family.

They reunited in 2014 and Ben’s wife Victoria soon started calling Kim ‘the mummy girlfriend’.

In a twisted admission, Ben told his wife: “Every time I have had sex with you since I met her, I imagine it’s her I am kissing, otherwise I can’t perform.”

He later left his wife for Kim, although the pair were soon forced into hiding due to Michigan sex laws.

The pair went into hiding after their relationship became public


The New Day)

Ben said he could only see his mum as a ‘sexual being’ after they met


The New Day)

They could face 15 years in prison and be added to the sex register for life over their incestuous relationship.

Kim fell pregnant with Ben when she was a 19-year-old student in California.

She gave up the baby for adoption and returned to the UK, although the pair were reunited when Ben wrote a letter to her 30 years later.

Kim said he expressed a desire to meet and she soon started having sex dreams about her son.

When they finally reunited at a hotel, the pair shared a bottle of champagne and kissed, The Sun reports.

Ben split with his wife to live a new life with his mum


The New Day)

Kim gave up her son when he was a baby


The New Day)

Ben revealed the affair to his wife just three days after the mother and son had ‘mind-blowing’ sex.

Victoria was already concerned with their close bond, while Kim was jealous about the marriage.

Kim said: “(Victoria) was welcoming, yet I couldn’t warm to her. I felt a growing sense of competition and when Ben touched her I felt jealous.

“I became even more aware of the fact that she thought I was spending too much time with Ben. She would constantly call him when we were together.

“Eventually, he admitted she was giving him grief about spending time with me. ‘She calls you mummy girlfriend’ he said.”

Kim and Ben have blamed their lust for each other on ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’.

Kim had Ben when she was studying in California as a teenager


The New Day)

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This is when relatives who are not raised together meet as adults and fancy each other.

However the theory has been dismissed as pseudoscience by experts.

Computer coder Ben said he could only think of his mum as a ‘sexual being’ when they met.

Interior designer Kim denied their relationship was ‘incestuous’ and instead insisted it was ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’.

The mum added that she and Ben would not ‘walk away’ from the ‘once in a lifetime chance’ at love.

The couple went into hiding after their relationship became public, although it is not clear if they are still together.

Incest is banned in the UK and children born as a result of incestuous relationships have a high risk of hereditary genetic conditions.

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