Blaming Carrie for Boris Johnson’s mistakes is pure misogyny

Is this all Carrie’s fault? Reflecting on some of the coverage of the influence the current Mrs Johnson enjoys over the prime minister, she would certainly be forgiven for thinking so. She is depicted as sort of a cross between Lady Macbeth, Hyacinth Bucket, and the princess from the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea”, in other words, in a misogynistic way.

The myth is building that the reliable, confident, reactionary, libertarian old-school Tory has been captured and molded by this seductive metropolitan elite, like an agent in a James Bond movie.

Unlike everyone else involved, including the Cabinet Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Carrie Johnson cannot be fired as part of a Number 10 cleanup. She always has access to the Prime Minister’s ear, into which poison is dripped. among the sweet nothings. If you think about it, she’s crazy, but she’s been building for quite some time.

If you believe Dominic Cummings, for example, you would believe that “Princess Nut Nut” always distracted the prime minister and forced him to make and break key appointments in Downing Street. Last May, Dom told MPs with dismay that on March 12, 2020, for example, just as the true scale of the Covid-19 pandemic was dawning on Boris Johnson, Her Royal Highness Princess Nut Nut was causing more chaos than ever before. the usual, about her pup, Dilyn. .

“That day, The times had published a great story about the prime minister and his girlfriend and their dog. The prime minister’s girlfriend was freaking out over this story and she was demanding that the press office deal with it. So we had this kind of completely crazy situation where part of the building said: are we going to bomb Iraq? Part of the building was arguing about whether or not we were going to quarantine, the PM has his girlfriend freaking out over something completely trivial.”

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After that hostile intervention from Johnson’s former assistant, Carrie’s friends countered that Cummings had gotten “revenge” on the oversexed rescue dog because he had “humped” her leg. It must have been so hard for Carrie, having an overly sexual husband and an overly sexual Jack Russell to take care of her, never knowing which one would disappear or end up in the press because of her indiscriminate impulses.

Most of the rest of the Carrie accusations have the same gossipy, inconsequential air. They are just anecdotes, and funny ones, but the impression is that Carrie has prevented Boris from being a great Conservative Prime Minister. She is portrayed as a pushy, selfish, bratty brat who bullies Johnson into turning Britain into a fluffy, green wake-up paradise. If only…

Lord Ashcroft, who has a fine supporting work on sensational books about his fellow Tories, has much more in his latest volume, First Lady: Intrigue at the Court of Boris and Carrie Johnson. Here’s an excerpt in which a “source” discusses her role in Johnson’s 2019 leadership election campaign: “We learned pretty quickly that there was a culture of fear around touching anything Carrie didn’t like. There was a nervousness. I think people who are close to her and align with her get great benefits. Those who idolize her could get a fantastic job out of it. If she doesn’t like you, there can be big consequences.

“There was a previous episode when Carrie was working in the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. A colleague of hers was another young woman, Mimi Macejkova, but she left her post within months of John Whittingdale becoming secretary of state. She said Macejkova “didn’t get along with the others” on her team. She was replaced by a friend of Carrie’s.

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“Later, Carrie’s closest friends settled into jobs as senior assistants to Johnson. One was Henry Newman, whom she once described as one of her “favorite people.” Another was Josh Grimstone, who now works for Michael Gove. A third was Allegra Stratton, named Johnson’s 10th press spokesperson after she was reported to have said, ‘Carrie will kill me if Allegra doesn’t get the job.’”

there you go If you trace Partygate back to the original leaked video of Stratton at the mock press conference, laughing in despair at the blatant blackout rule violation, and having Allegra participate in the televised briefings was Carrie’s idea, then indeed it was Carrie, indirectly, the culprit of this whole unfortunate matter of the end of his career.

The implication sometimes added is that if Johnson had stayed with his wife Marina Wheeler and not been seduced by the succubus Carrie Symonds, all would have been well and orderly in his position as Prime Minister.

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Has no sense. Tempting nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless. Johnson is a grown man, with an ego too big and capable of making his own bad decisions. He is a clever man, in a way, quite cunning himself, capable of creating his own hoaxes and making ridiculous quotes: I offer Rees-Mogg, Nadine Dorries and Priti Patel, and indeed Magic Dom as exhibits. .

She doesn’t need anyone’s help to screw up a speech, as she demonstrated at the CBI conference when she walked away from Peppa Pig World. It was his idea and his alone to exhume Jimmy Savile and dump the body on the Labor front bench. Like his father Stanley, he fears climate change, but Boris Johnson is a convert and never paid much attention to what his father told him about the dying planet.

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But let’s say Carrie has him “taken.” It’s not magic. If Johnson is weak enough to be pushed around by advisers, colleagues, friends and, indeed, wife or family, then that’s up to him, not them. If he is too lazy to argue, or he wants to blame her wife for things that bother him doing or saying about her, then it is his fault, not hers.

Marina Wheeler, supposedly the model, was his wife throughout his time as editor of The viewer, MP, Mayor of London and Foreign Secretary, and he was just as chaotic, careless and mendacious in those jobs as he is as Prime Minister. Marina supported him, as Carrie has, and no doubt she talked things out with him, and she put up with a lot; but she couldn’t stop him from doing what he wanted. That, you see, is the problem. I am Boris. Not Carrie.

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