Biggest home bugbears from worn out carpets to cramped rooms – see full list

A poll of 2,000 adults who do odd jobs found other annoyances include creaking floorboards, paint color in certain rooms, patchy, unattractive lawns and lack of natural light

Jo Behari gives her top tips and DIY hacks

Our biggest home bugbears are dirty and worn-out carpets, cracks in the walls and cramped rooms.

A poll of 2,000 adults who do odd jobs found other annoyances include creaking floorboards, paint color in certain rooms and patchy, unattractive lawns.

While 26 per cent are bothered by overly worn carpet that is long past its use-by-date.

As many as one in five have also got problems with damp to deal with or want more natural light into their spaces.

Ahead of the bank holiday weekend, typically one of the most popular times start some DIY, six in 10 adults plan to tackle some of their home’s imperfections.

Jo Behari, the author of The Girls Guide to DIY, worked with tool hire firm Speedy to offer tips on removing old gloss paint, the best way to give outdoor surfaces some TLC and how to get hardwood floors looking their best.

Paint color in certain rooms has also been mentioned as a bugbear



Six in 10 adults plan to tackle some of their home’s imperfections ahead of the Easter weekend



She said: “DIY can be daunting at first, the temptation is to give up before you’ve even started.

“My main tip is to plan, plan and plan – watch YouTube videos and read tutorials so you’re not surprised when anything happens.

“It’s the fear of the unknown that can put you off, whether it’s grouting or gardening, so forewarned is definitely forearmed.”

The study also found the average adult will let a DIY job sit undone for a whopping 19 weeks – nearly five months – before finally getting around to sorting it.

Painting walls and ceilings are the tasks that get put off most often, along with deep cleaning carpets and clearing out guttering.

Jo says it is important to plan before going ahead with any home project



Almost a third (32 per cent) think their kitchen is the room in the house that’s most in need of improvement, followed by the bathroom and the garden.

But 64 per cent have reached the point where they have simply ‘learned to live’ with their home’s imperfections instead of sorting them out.

More than half (55 per cent) feel a deep sense of satisfaction when they finally get a home improvement job done – although for one in four, it’s more a feeling of pure relief.

However, 31 per cent put tasks off because they lack confidence in their DIY abilities, while 54 per cent don’t even know if they’ve got the right tools for the project before starting it.

20 biggest home bugbears

1. Worn out carpets

2.Cracked plaster

3. Cramped rooms

4. Dirty carpets

5. Paint color in certain rooms

6. Not enough light

7. Dampness

8. Mold in bathrooms

9. Leaking taps

10. Not enough plug sockets

11. Creaky floorboards

12.Draughty windows

13. Patchy and unattractive lawn

14. Lighting too bright

15.Small Driveway

16.No driveway

17. Limescale in the shower

18. Poor water pressure

19. Tatty Garden Fencing

20. Cracked tiling

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