Big surprises in Buenafuente’s latest ‘Late Motiv’: Pedro Sánchez, Joan Manuel Serrat and even their daughter | Television on Cadena SER

The night of Thursday, December 23, was the last of the program presented by Andreu Buenafuente, ‘Late motiv’ (Movistar +), tras seven seasons and 945 broadcasts. It was an evening of surprises, emotion and memories of the history of the program and unexpected interventions such as that of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

“I wanted to convey my gratitude to you for all these years in which you have been working and promoting culture, live music, cinema, comedy. Many nights you have made us go to bed with a smile and that is a gift that you have ”, pointed out the president, who intervened by video call.

The singer Joan Manuel Serrat has been the surprise guest of the night, who has chatted on set with the presenter, who did not know who was going to appear. The surprise factor has been the king in the last week of the show, with guests such as the filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, who appeared on the air on Wednesday.

With the end of ‘Late Motiv’, one of the leading ‘late night’ programs in Spain ends, one of the few remaining of this popular genre in the United States. Also one of the few programs that are still done live, in an age of platforms with ‘canned’ products and televisions with less and less space for improvisation.

Instead of stirring up politicians and other characters and making a sarcastic balance of current affairs, as he has done every night in his opening monologue, Buenafuente has dedicated his last start to his own farewell, although without transcendental speeches because “the work that do you already speak for you ”.

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“I believe that what is needed at this moment is less epic and more heart and in my heart it has been six years in which I fell in love with the profession, thousands of laughs and some colleagues whom I consider my friends and my family” , has pointed out the 56-year-old journalist.

The communicator thanked Movistar + for making the project possible and “to you for choosing a time of comedy in the midst of a time of noise and fury and the heaviest difficulties that we have all experienced. But we have come this far and we are going to continue because laughing is the only way out and the way ”, he said.

One of the most emotional moments of the night was when the presenter’s daughter appeared on the set, dressed as “Shrek’s girl”, the character played by her mother, the comedian Silvia Abril, who was unable to be on set due to be confined but has entered by video call.

“Continue practicing intelligent humor” has been the advice that Joana, nine years old, has given to her father, the National Television Award 2020, who will continue to join Movistar + in other projects on the platform, according to the company.

On this night the presenter was accompanied by several of the program’s collaborators, including Javier Coronas, Laura Márquez, Carlo Padial, Raúl Cimas, Raúl Pérez and Berto Romero. “See you later. I don’t know where but I’m sure we’re going to mess it up ”, said the presenter before dismissing his band and hanging his jacket on a late-night hunk, with a clown’s nose.

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