Biden news today: US to expel more Russian spies

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Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said the US will “not hesitate” to expel additional Russian diplomats from the country for suspected espionage.

Speaking on ABC News, Mr Sullivan confirmed that the administration has already kicked out multiple individuals who were allegedly part of the Kremlin’s spying operations, and that there would be no mercy shown to others still operating in the country.

The US government, he said, is “always on the lookout for anyone connected to espionage or spy services” and “will not hesitate to take further action to declare persona non grata to expel, to kick out further Russian quote unquote ‘diplomats’ if we determine they’re spies”.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden is expected to announce new gun regulations on Monday to rein in so-called “ghost guns” — privately made firearms without serial numbers that have been used in several high-profile violent crimes.

Mr Biden is expected to nominate Steve Dettlebach, an Obama-era US attorney, to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, people familiar with the matter told the Associated Press.


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Andrew Naughty11 April 2022 11:45


What are “ghost guns” and what is the White House planning?

The White House has released the beginnings of Joe Biden’s plan to crack down on “ghost guns”, privately made firearms with no serial numbers that a briefing describes as “the weapon of choice for violent criminals”.

According to the White House, a new rule introduced by the Justice Department will target both existing guns and the business of manufacturing them, including “unserialized ‘buy build shoot’ kits that individuals can buy online or at a store without a background check and can readily assemble into a working firearm in as little as 30 minutes with equipment they have at home.”

This rule builds on the Biden Administration’s prior executive action to rein in the proliferation of ghost guns. In February 2022, the US Department of Justice launched a National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative, which is training a national cadre of prosecutors and disseminating investigation and prosecution tool to help bring cases against those who use ghost guns to commit crimes. As President Biden said during an event at the New York Police Department headquarters, if you use a ghost gun to commit a crime “not only are state and local prosecutors going to come after you, but expect federal charges and federal prosecution as well.”

Read the White House’s full fact sheet here.

Ghost guns on display by the San Francisco Police Department in 2019

(Haven Daley/AP)

Andrew Naughty11 April 2022 11:23


Protesters blockade coal plant that makes Joe Manchin $500,000 a year

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has become the Democrats’ number one headache on Capitol Hill, particularly when it comes to including climate change measures in major spending legislation. Many critics chalk this resistance up to his ties to the coal industry in his state of el – and now more than a dozen people have been detained for helping to blockade a coal plant from which Mr Manchin made nearly half a billion dollars in 2020.

Ace Louise Boyle reports, the plant in question supplies “Gob”, coal waste that burns even more inefficiently than coal, to a company run by the senator’s son.

Andrew Naughty11 April 2022 10:40


Biden, Modi to have virtual meeting today

President Joe Biden is set to speak with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday as he presses world leaders to take a hard line against Russia’s Ukraine invasion.

India’s neutral stance in the war has raised concerns in Washington and earned praise from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who lauded India this month for judging “the situation in its entirety, not just in a one-sided way.”

Andrew Naughty11 April 2022 10:10


US ‘will not hesitate’ to expel Russian diplomats for espionage, Sullivan says

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the US will “not hesitate” to expel additional Russian diplomats from the country for suspected espionage activity after the administration removed 12 Russian officials in February.

Mr Sullivan – addressing NBC’s Meet the Press on 10 April – said the US is “always on the lookout for anyone connected to espionage or spy services” and “will not hesitate to take further action, to declare persona non grata, to expel, to kick out further Russian quote unquote ‘diplomats ‘if we determine they’re spies”.

Alex Woodward has details

shweta sharma11 April 2022 09:42


Biden to unveil strategy to curb ‘ghost guns’ amid fears of rising crime

The Biden administration will announce new regulations to limit the spread of “ghost guns” as soon as Monday, according to reports.

Inside sources told the Associated Press that the Justice Department is preparing to reveal its long-awaited new rules on untraceable homemade firearms.

Ghost guns are so called because they lack serial numbers and can therefore circumvent background checks and gun license laws.

shweta sharma11 April 2022 08:45


Fauci says it’s up to individuals to determine Covid-19 risks amid outbreak among lawmakers

Anthony Fauci has said that it is up to individuals to decide the risk of Covid-19 in gatherings amid an outbreak of coronavirus cases among White House officials and lawmakers, while hinting at the looming risk of a Covid arising in the coming days.

“I think the people who run functions, who run big dinners, who run functions like the White House correspondents’ ball, or thinking back, the Gridiron Dinner, are going to have to make a determination looking at the CDC guidelines and seeing where the trends are,” Dr. Fauci told ABC “This Week” host Jonathan Karl.

“I mean, there are some places you go, not only is it required that you show proof of vaccination, but you have to have a negative test the day you go to a particular place.”

At least 67 people, including the White House officials and congressional lawmakers, tested positive for the virus after attending the Gridiron Dinner last week. At least 630 people attended the annual white-tie marquee dinner which was held on 2 April after a hiatus of two years.

Dr Fauci warned against downplaying the risk of Covid because “there are things like long Covid and there are sometimes people even though they don’t require hospitalisation, Jon, they get significantly ill”.

shweta sharma11 April 2022 08:03


Joe Biden hails his administration for creating 7.9 million jobs

Joe Biden on Sunday claimed that his administration has created more jobs on an average per month than any other president in the history of the US.

“Our economy added 7.9 million jobs since I took office,” he said in a tweet.

“That’s millions of families with a little more breathing room and the dignity a job provides,” he added.

However, the Biden administration is facing heat over rising inflation in the country. The inflation in the US has risen by 8.4 per cent year over year, hitting a 40-year high in March, according to estimates from Bloomberg.

shweta sharma11 April 2022 07:31


Psaki accuses Republicans of holding Covid funding ‘hostage’ over immigration demand

White House press secretary Jen Psaki went on the offensive on Sunday, accusing Republicans of holding federal Covid-19 response funding “hostage” on what many consider to be the GOP’s home turf.

The top spokeswoman for Joe Biden faced Fox News Sunday guest host Dana Perino, a former White House press secretary herself under George W Bush, where she battled calls from GOP senators to restore the Title 42 rule which allowed Homeland Security agents to turn away migrants at the border due to the risk of Covid-19 spread.

“Title 42 is not an immigration plan or an immigration authority. No one in the administration thinks that. It’s an authority given to the CDC actually by Congress,” Ms Psaki said.

Read John Bowden’s report

shweta sharma11 April 2022 06:52


Biden to meet Indian PM Modi virtually as US presses for hard line on Russia

Joe Biden will hold a virtual meeting with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on Monday as Washington is pressing world leaders to take a harder line on Russia.

The White House said that the two will discuss “ending the Covid-19 pandemic, countering the climate crisis, strengthening the global economy, and upholding a free, open, rules-based international order to bolster security, democracy, and prosperity in the Indo -Pacific.”

“President Biden will continue our close consultations on the consequences of Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine and mitigating its destabilizing impact on global food supply and commodity markets,” it added.

The meeting precedes a ministerial summit between the US’s secretary of state Antony Blinken and secretary of defense Lloyd Austin, and India’s external affairs minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and defense minister Rajnath Singh, in Washington. That meeting begins today and will continue for five days.

shweta sharma11 April 2022 06:27

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