Biden news today: President promises to act on gas prices as inflation at four-decade high

Joe Biden demonstrates how easily ghost guns can be built

The White House is today managing the fallout from new data showing that consumer prices last year rose at their fastest clip since 1981, wiping out many of the pay rises Americans had received during the post-Covid recovery. The numbers come just as a new poll shows Joe Biden’s already low approval rating sinking to new depths.

His overall rating now stands in the low 40s, having plunged below the 50-point mark around the time of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The electorate apparently hold him in even lower esteem when it comes to his handling of specific issues like crime and immigration.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden announced new gun regulations on Monday to rein in so-called “ghost guns” – privately made firearms without serial numbers that have been used in several high-profile violent crimes.

Mr Biden also nominated Steve Dettlebach, an Obama-era US attorney, to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, making the announcement at an event on the grounds of the White House.

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White House asks why GOP lawmaker wants to defund federal law enforcement

White House Rapid Response Director Mike Gwin has responded to a tweet by Republican Florida state representative Anthony Sabitini who called for the abolition of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Mr Sabitini tweeted: “Abolish the ATF.”

To which Mr Gwin responded: “Why do Republicans want to defund federal law enforcement efforts against gun crime?”

The tweet comes after President Joe Biden named Steve Dettlebach, an Obama-era US attorney, as his nominee to lead the agency.

Mr Sabitini is running to represent Florida in the US Congress and has the endorsements of the America First wing of the GOP, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Madison Cawthorn.

His Twitter account features frequent out-of-context soundbites, including: “MAGA”, “The Clintons are the worst people in the history of the world”, and “Bidenflation”.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 19:00


Voices: What a Trump-district Democrat can teach her colleagues about how to win

Cindy Axne represents one of only 16 rare ‘crossover districts’: a district that voted for a member of Congress opposite of how it voted for president. Eric Garcia looks at what other Democrats could learn from her.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 18:30


White House: Biden speaks with Johnson

The president has reportedly held a secure call today with his British counterpart, Boris Johnson. The two were likely discussing the western response to the war in Ukraine; we may never find out whether they touched on the subject of Mr Johnson’s fine for breaching Covid-19 restrictions.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 18:00


ICYMI: Biden’s sister on the Hunter scandal

While promoting her memoir, Joe Biden’s sister Valerie appeared on CBS this morning to discuss her brother’s presidency – as well as the allegations of corrupt dealings leveled at his son, Hunter, which she said are without substance.

Andrew Naughty12 April 2022 17:30


A Democrat goes hard on border security

New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan, whose Senate seat is one of the Republicans’ top targets this November, has been on a trip to the US-Mexico border in an attempt to shore up her anti-immigration personal brand with conservative voters in her purple- tinged state.

Ace The Independent‘s Eric Garcia writes, this may be out of step with her party’s mainstream, but it’s hardly out of character.

Andrew Naughty12 April 2022 17:00


Manchin gives Democrats a warning after inflation numbers

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, whose intransigence on various points has held up much of Joe Biden’s agenda, has given his thoughts on today’s stark inflation numbers – and in a worrying sign for Democrats, he has used them to dig into his hawkish position on new spending.

Andrew Naughty 12 April 2022 16:33


Polling on inflation ranks Biden as top culprit

NBC News has been polling Americans to see who and what they most blame for rampant inflation in the US, and based on recent numbers, Joe Biden is the most widely blamed:

Andrew Naughty12 April 2022 15:45


Biden briefed on Brooklyn shooting – Psaki

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tweets that Joe Biden has been given the latest information about the subway shooting in Brooklyn.

Details of the incident are still emerging, but a hunt is underway for a shooter who attacked some 13 people and released what may have been a smokebomb.

Andrew Naughty12 April 2022 15:30


NY Lieutenant Governor arrested for bribery conspiracy

The second-most-senior official in New York state, Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin, has been arrested on a charge that he wrongfully directed state funds to a real estate investor in Harlem in exchange for pushing through thousands of dollars of illegal contributions to a failed political campaign of his own.

Andrew Naughty12 April 2022 15:17


House Democrats outpacing Republicans in fundraising

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which oversees the party’s effort to hold and gain seats in the House of Representatives, appears to be steaming ahead of its Republican counterpart. The inflow of money is a rare bit of good news for Democrats in a year that’s seen a strikingly high number of their representatives retire rather than face disillusioned voters in November.

Andrew Naughty12 April 2022 14:41

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