Biden and Zelensky will speak amid growing tension

Although diplomatic efforts are multiplied at a high level to avoid an armed conflict in Ukraineprogress seems little and the situation continues to deteriorate.

After the telephone conversation held on Saturday by the presidents of the United States and Russia, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putinthis Sunday the US president is scheduled to speak with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyabout a possible Russian invasion.

Zelensky’s spokesman, Sergii Nykyforovreported that the call will take place “in the next few hours” and will revolve around the security situation and the current diplomatic efforts to achieve a de-escalation.

Biden will also inform his Ukrainian counterpart of the conversation he had with Putin on Saturday, in which he conveyed that, although the United States is prepared for diplomatic channels, is “equally prepared” for different scenarios.

Tension with Russia destabilizes the Ukrainian economy

Risk of imminent invasion

Washington has warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine, on whose borders there are deployed more than 100,000 Russian soldiers, may be imminent, even next week. The American Middle Politician has claimed that the Biden Administration has spoken to its allies of a possible attack next day 16.

Also the British defense minister, ben wallace, said this Sunday that it is “highly likely” that Russia will invade Ukraine. In an interview with the Sunday Sunday Timesthe Tory politician has assured that right now it is perceived a “whiff of Munich in the air”referring to diplomatic measures that failed to prevent World War II.

Meanwhile, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, has warned of immediate sanctions and “tough reactions” if Russia attacks Ukraine. scholz travels this Monday to Kiev to meet with Zelensky and later to Moscow to meet with Putin as part of diplomatic efforts to ease tensions and secure peace, which faces a “very, very serious threat,” Scholz said.

Scholz to travel to Ukraine amid accusations of ambiguity

For his part, Zelensky yesterday called for calm and not to sow panic, because it does not help reduce tension, but only plays in favor of Russian attempts to destabilize Ukraine. He assured that “everything is under control” and reiterated that Ukraine has lived in this state since 2014, when the war broke out between pro-Russian separatists supported by Moscow and the Army in Donbas, and Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula.

“This did not start yesterday, this started in 2014, so we are prepared,” he stressed. “If you or other people have additional information about a 100% (certain) invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, please provide me with that information,” she told media during a trip to the Kherson region, south of the countryto supervise some military exercises.

The Ukrainian president has weeks asking for calm so that the Ukrainian economy does not stabilize and the population does not panic, especially in the face of the decision of some countries to evacuate their non-essential diplomatic personnel and recommend their citizens not to travel to Ukraine.

The first flights from Ukraine arrive in Spain after the recommendation of the Government

“Unacceptable” demands

Moscow denies any intention of invasion, but demands an end to NATO expansion and Western support for the former Soviet republic, which it considers to be part of its zone of influence. Some demands that both Kiev and Western countries describe as “unacceptable.”

To this tension has been added the Ukrainian airlines concern, after receiving notice on Saturday from the world’s largest insurance companies that they would stop insuring aircraft for flights in Ukrainian airspace within 48 hours. According to the skyup airlinethis decision is associated “with increased risks of an outbreak of hostilities.”

Ukraine has insisted that its air space remains open and that most airlines operate without restrictions

This Sunday they have arrived in Spain first flights from Kiev, after the Government recommended on Saturday to the Spanish community in the country to leave Ukraine.

However, the foreign minister Jose Manuel Albareshas made a call for calm and has insisted that the Executive is prepared for any situation.

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