Beware of this disinformation content about Ukraine

This photo of two children saying goodbye to some soldiers is old

Beware of an image that has been shared on social networks in the last few hours. In it we see two small children saying goodbye to some soldiers mounted on tanks in which the Ukrainian flag waves. We have found it accompanied by messages such as: “These images left by the war are worth more than a thousand words (sic)” or “The photo of the year”. it’s old. It has been in circulation for at least 6 years.

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Some children fire soldiers from behind

Twitter messages sharing an old image of children firing soldiers VerifyRTVE

Doing a reverse search of the photograph, we have verified that it appears in several articles. In some, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is cited as a source. Indeed, we have found the image published on March 22, 2016 on the Facebook page of said institution.

This father-daughter farewell in Ukraine is not caused by the arrival of the Russians

On the morning of the second day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (February 25), a video has been broadcast on social networks in which a young father is seen emotionally saying goodbye to a young girl. The text that accompanies the video says: “A father says goodbye to his daughter whom he saves from the invasion of #Russia, he stays to fight for #Ukraine.” It is not like this. The recording of the farewell is true, but it happened just on the opposite side five days before

Farewell father and daughter

A father hugs a girl, but it is not a video of Ukrainians saying goodbye before the arrival of the Russians. VerifyRTVE

The On February 19, the de facto authorities of the pro-Russian regions of Donetsk and Lugansk ordered the evacuation of all civilians from these two separatist provinces, as reported by the media outlet Donbass Insider (pro-Russian). In the days that followed, hundreds of civilians left the territory bound for Rusi, many of them by bus as we told you on A longer, unedited version with a wider camera frame of the video of the farewell was broadcast on February 21 on a Telegram channel that identifies itself as “Gorlovka and the Republic Operational News” and broadcasts promotional content. Russians. The metadata of the video indicates that it was recorded that same day. On the windows of the bus you can read the name of the company “Premiun Taxi” which has an active profile on the Russian social network VK. Its headquarters are in Horlivka, a city 20 kilometers north of Donetsk.

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This image of a bloodied girl is not Ukraine, it’s Syria

An image is being distributed through social networks that is attributed to a Ukrainian girl. Expressions such as: “These innocents who are not to blame” or “massacre Ukrainian children” are used. The little girl is crying with traces of blood on her face.

syrian girl

Syrian girl – photo falsely attributed to Ukraine VerifyRTVE

We have verified that the image is of the conflict in Syria and has nothing to do with the one in Ukraine. A reverse search shows that It was already published in 2018. The BBC attributes it to the EPA agency.

This video is not from the current crisis, it belongs to a video game

We have seen on Twitter a video showing some buildings at night. From these, artifacts appear to be missiles. The publication ensures that “it is not a movie or a video game” and that they belong to the current conflict in the case of a Russian attack on Ukraine.

fake video game image

Night view of what looks like explosions, but it’s a video game VerifyRTVE

The recording is fake. Actually, it is a video game. Specifically, from War Thunder (2012). You can see the scene in this YouTube video titled “The Iron Dome in War Thunder”.

The video of military planes in formation does not correspond to the Russian attack on Ukraine

Since the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine (February 24), a video circulates of some planes in formation passing over some buildings. The text that accompanies the video says that they are Russian planes flying over Ukraine.

planes in formation

V-shaped aircraft flying over a city VerifyRTVE

It is not true, these are images taken from another YouTube video recorded in 2020 during the rehearsal of an air parade of the Russian air forces and that lasts 4 minutes more. The YouTube user who posted it then locates the footage in Tushino, a satellite town northwest of Moscow.

This video of Russian paratroopers descending on Ukraine is fake

In the first hours after the Russian attack on Ukraine (Thursday, February 24), a video has circulated on social networks in which dozens of paratroopers are seen descending on an open space supposedly in the Kharkiv (Jarkov) area. The user who has shared the video in one of the versions that has gone viral writes in the Vietnamese language.

Messages that spread the video where dozens of Russian paratroopers allegedly land in Kharkiv VerifyRTVE

In another video from 2014 we have found elements present in that recording, which allows us to affirm that it is not true that the images belong to the arrival of Russian paratroopers in Ukraine today. On YouTube there is a journalistic chronicle in Russian dated March 19, 2014. The information covers some maneuvers of 15,000 Russian paratroopers in the Rostov Oblast area. It is not the same camera but it is the same event. The image in which a plane and parachutists are seen is practically identical in one content and in another. They match camera angle and distance from the target, time of day, weather and relative distribution between the skydivers and the plane. At another point in the alleged video recorded today in Ukraine, a red and white tape can be seen, designed to delimit an area of ​​prohibited passage, such as the one placed to separate the cameras from the action zone. This same tape also appears in the video of the military maneuvers.

It is equally revealing that among the many reports that have reached us from the Kharkov area there is none that mentions the presence of paratroopers and that Twitter has decided to delete the message from the Vietnamese user who shared the video in the first place. RTVE’s special envoy to Kiev Víctor García Guerro has mentioned in a chronicle another Russian operation with aerial troops, but this time carried out in the surroundings of Kiev, as CNN also reports videos/world/2022/02/24/russian-troops-ukraine-kyiv-region-airbase-chance-nr-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/russia-ukraine-military-conflict/. *

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