Best Trinny London products 2022: Make-up and skincare buys worth investing in

It would be easy to dismiss Trinny London as just another celebrity make-up line, but the What Not To Wear makeover guru’s eponymous brand is well worth your time. When Trinny Woodall entered the beauty world five years ago, her focus on her was on a streamlined make-up bag and simple routine, with a range of cream-formula, multipurpose products housed in pots that click together into a stack – perfect for getting ready on the go.

While the range has grown to include skincare and non-stackable beauty, the ethos remains. The products are easy to apply, beautifully buildable and blendable, and a great choice for low-key, low-maintenance make-up.

With a brilliant shade range, there are tones to suit every coloring and situation, and there’s a clever “Match2Me” service on the website that asks you questions about your eye colour, skin tone and more, before suggesting the products that will suit you best .

The skincare range is similarly simple in concept, with cleansers, exfoliators and newly launched retinol serums. They’re also all refillable, so you can minimize packaging waste.

How we tested

We’ve been making our way through the range to find the best of the best from the brand’s make-up and skincare offering. We were looking for slick and efficient packaging, ease of use, breezy application and great results, whether that’s to achieve soft, glowing skin or beautiful color pay-off.


The best Trinny London products for 2022 are:

  • best overall – BFF SPF 30 cream skin Perfector: £36,
  • Best eyeshadow – Eye2eye: £18,
  • Best cleaner – Be your best enzyme balm cleanser: £32,
  • best bronzer – Golden glow: £25,
  • Best multi-use product – Lash2brow: £28,
  • best exfoliant – Reveal yourself AHA exfoliant: £38,
  • best serum – Overnight clarity retinal/niacinamide serum: £62,
  • Best problem solver – Miracle blur: £26,
  • best color pop – Lip2cheek: £25,
  • best highlighter – The right light: £25,

Trinny London BFF SPF 30 cream skin Perfector

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

This product really will become your BFF. It has a hydrating, tinted moisturizer-type feel on the skin, fair, buildable coverage so you can layer it up where you need a little more help, and a natural, glowing finish. The formula is light green when first applied to skin but contains tiny capsules of pigment that burst once massaged in; we recommend applying it directly to your face rather than on to the back of your hand first, so you don’t waste any pigment.

Trinny London eye2eye

Best: eyeshadow

Rating: 10/10

Eye2Eye has long been one of our favorite Trinny London products. The eyeshadows are lightweight and buildable, so they can be used to give a light wash of color or an intense pop. They’re also beautiful enough to be worn alone as a single colour, particularly the shades with shimmer, meaning they’re great for lazy days when you don’t want to faff with palettes and brushes. We also like to take a darker shade on the side of our little finger and smudge at the outer corner of the eye for an easygoing liner. Our favorite shade is “victory”, a warm gold that will suit all skintones.

Trinny London be your best enzyme balm cleanser

Best: cleaner

Rating: 8/10

The enzyme balm cleanser is a really unusual combination: a balm texture in a pump bottle. It’s liquid enough that the dispenser works but thick enough that it doesn’t run between your fingers as an oil would. Plus, not dunking your fingers into a pot is far more hygienic. Massage the product into your face to remove all make-up (including waterproof eye make-up) and wipe off using the muslin cloth included. It leaves skin clean and clear but not tight or dry; an effective and nourishing cleanser.

Trinny London golden glow

Best: bronzer

Rating: 7/10

This is a light, flattering bronzer that glides across the skin beautifully and is pleasingly semi-sheer rather than cakey or unnaturally dark. Sweep it along the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and around the sides of the forehead. Patting on a cream bronzer with your fingers allows for a more precise application than you can get with brush and powder, so this is a low-stakes way to try contouring too. It comes in four shades but the range is good, especially at the lighter and darker ends of the spectrum.

Trinny London lash2brow

Best: Multi-use product

Rating: 6/10

This is a great handbag product as it covers your lashes and brows in one, but it also happens to be one of the best brow gels we’ve ever used. The colors are perfectly neutral, rather than too warm, and the formula coats the hairs you have and fills in any gaps. Start the application in the center of your brows, where the hair is naturally densest, to avoid unnatural heaviness at either end, as the first few swipes will carry the most product. The mascara is sadly a little clumpy but, while it’s not brilliant, it does the trick when you’re on the go.

Trinny London reveal yourself AHA exfoliant

Best: scrub

Rating: 9/10

Another brilliant bit of skincare formulation, this is a leave-on exfoliant that doesn’t require a cotton pad for application, making it fuss-free and great for travel. Use nightly to reveal smoother, softer, clearer skin. The brand has three exfoliants of varying acid type (PHA, BHA and AHA) and strength, so you can ease yourself in with the most sensitive of the three, “tiptoe in”, if you’re new to acid exfoliation, and build up to use nightly from a couple of times a week.

Trinny London overnight clarity retinal/niacinamide serum

Best: serum

Rating: 10/10

Retinal is a vitamin A derivative that requires minimal conversion on the skin, making it maximally effective with minimal irritation. It also includes niacinamide, which helps clear congested skin and soothe inflammation. Within a few days’ use, our tester’s skin looked brighter and texture was improved. The combination is perfect for those in mid-life for whom both wrinkles and breakouts are a concern.

Trinny London miracle blur

Best: Best problem solver

Rating: 9/10

You don’t have to be of a certain age to benefit from miracle blur, the brand’s best-selling line-filler. It has a satin, mattifying texture that prevents make-up creasing or sinking in all the places you don’t want it to – around the eyes or the nose. It’s also a brilliant base for lip colour, creating a smooth base and helping it stay put longer without bleeding or transferring. We’ve found it helps when it comes to covering awkward spots too, blurring out even texture and helping concealer stick. It’s an all-round superstar to have in your make-up bag.

Trinny London lip2cheek

Best: color pop

Rating: 6/10

These cream blushes are a firmer texture than most other cream products, which means they work well on both cheeks and lips. It also makes it quite hard to overdo it on the application, which is often a problem with cream blushes. Try it across your cheeks, under the eye area and across the bridge of the nose, rather than on the apples of the cheeks, for a modern flushed look. We like to press any leftover product below our eyebrows. “Cha cha” is a bright coral that looks fresh and summery, and rather less alarming on skin than it does in the pot.

Trinny London the right light

Best: highlighter

Rating: 7/10

This is creamy and light-reflecting without being spangly, as there are no visible particles of glitter. It gives skin that much-vaunted, lit-from-within look, blending seamlessly and staying put even on oilier areas such as the nose and chin. We recommend trying it on the inside corners of your eyes as well as the classic highlighter points. It comes in four shades, but our top pick is “starlight”, a pale, champagne shimmer.

The verdict: Trinny London products

If you can only buy one product, the BFF cream is the perfect balance between good coverage and a natural, glowing finish. We also suggest you make room in your make-up bag for the all-round problem-solver miracle blur, and as many gorgeous eye2eye shades as you can get your hands on.

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