Berlin pays Moscow 200 million euros a day in gas

The president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, reproached Germany and Hungary on Thursday for continuing to buy oil from Russia: “I don’t understand how you can make money with blood“. The complaints of the Ukrainian president, formulated in an interview on the BBC, put in focus the energy dependence that Europe has with respect to Russia, especially Germanywhich pays Moscow 200 million euros per day in gas alone.

The war has disrupted Germany’s plans to achieve climate neutrality in 2050. This is a plan that was being led by the German Economy Minister and Deputy Chancellor, Robert Habeck, embarking on a path that he intends to achieve thanks to the canal Nord Stream IIa system with which Germany believed to have secured the gas it needs as a bridging technology until it achieves climate neutrality in 2050.

Purchases of more than 200 million euros a day in Russian gas

The German dependence on Russian energy it’s no secret. Every day pay more than 200 million euros to continue receiving the necessary gas for the chemical, metal, automobile, food and German household industries.

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More than a month and a half after the conflict began in Ukraine, Germany has already has banned imports of Russian coal, Y By the end of 2022, he considers that he will be able to do without the oil of the country led by Vladimir Putin.

This would be achieved in the case of building two regasification plants for liquid gas from Qatar and the United States, since none are yet available. In this way, Germany seeks that in 2030 the 80% of the country’s electricity comes from renewable energiesand in 2035, 100%.

Save energy “to piss off Putin”

Habeck, in addition, has urged the Germans this Friday to save energy to “piss off putin” as Germany seeks to reduce its dependence on Russian gas amid the war in Ukraine.

I ask everyone to contribute now to saving energy”, has requested the environmentalist, also holder of the Climate portfolio, in an interview with the groups of the newspaper Funk. In addition, throughout this Easter holiday he has urged “getting on a bicycle or taking a train” to “save in your wallet” and “annoy Putin”.

Habeck believes that “you can always save 10%” and has cited measures within the domestic economy. “If you heat your apartment and close the curtains at night, you save up to 5% energy,” she explained. Furthermore, she advocates lower the temperature of the rooms by one degreewhich encourages 6% savings, as he stressed.

Berlin bought more than half of its gas from Russia before the war, but has now reduced this quota to 40% while he has been intensifying his commitment to renewable energy. However, Germany does not contemplate being able to dispense with Russian gas before mid-2024 and fears being forced to ration gas supply to the industrial sector.

Boost to renewables

In this context, to promote clean energy, the requirements to build wind fields and promote the solar panels on the roofs of buildings. In addition, the plan also includes changing the heating to heat pumps and invest billions in the green hydrogen from North Africa.

However, there is still a way to go. When Angela Merkel launched the gas pipeline North Stream I and the construction of a twin gas pipeline that meant security of supply, few imagined that a war would break out very close to their borders. Even then, it was not believed that the current conflict would call into question decades of naivety in German politics and, therefore, in the country’s economy.

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