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Score: 7.5
Architecture 7
Decor 6
Maintenance 8
Comfortability 8
Toilets 9
Atmosphere 8
Breakfast 9
Attention 6
Tranquillity 6
Facilities 8

The first music hotel in Europe, with a voluminous architecture and an even more impressive decoration, located on the banks of the River Spree, near the MTV studios and the Universal Music record company, it is one of the most frequented in Berlin by wave Spanish geek. Its name gives it away due to its Hispanic origin: NHow (or how an NH hotel can become fashionable in Germany).

Once the pandemic ambiguities have been overcome – today it is mandatory to take an antigen test at the hotel for 30 euros, we’ll see tomorrow – the key to so much modernity is provided by the New York designer Karim Rashid with his chewy decoration in rooms and common areas. You have to be a geek and a decoration lover to put up with those fuchsias, those gummy strawberries, those sidereal-looking plastics. The counterpoint to these science fiction spaces, for better or for worse, is provided by the German architect of Russian origin Sergei Tchoban, author of this six-storey building, plus another three on a protrusion that juts out towards the river, where crowded ships pass. of tourists. Its facade, sequenced in brick and glass, could be said to express a certain genome of hospitality.

Let’s turn a blind eye to the obnoxious reception, a repository of decorative gadgets opposed to the geometry of the building, like those mannerist muela armchairs. Let us glide gently to the side of the hall, where a pianist exercises with great skill. Some electric guitars distributed in certain modules, together with the omnipresent background music, inform that the hotel has its own recording studio and, upon request, they can upload one to us. gibson To the bedroom. This is indeed a unique experience.

Not to be less, the rooms also provide a bubble gum experience in its colorful delirium, only tempered by the sparkle of a rain shower and by the poetry inspired by its views of the Spree. Because the vigor continues in the breakfast buffet, in a fantasy setting, bright, organized to surprise with its colored sugar, its cakes in unusual shapes and some never seen dietary products.

The bar has an exit to the river walk, where a bicycle awaits us and an application to discover another Berlin on pedals.

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