Belgian malinois joins all day session in Newcastle and becomes the star of the show

Two-year-old ‘shepinois’ Harvey headed out on a day drinking session with his 22-year-old owner in Newcastle city centre and had the time of his life

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TikTok user brings dog along to ‘day session’ with friends

A dog went day drinking with his owner and experienced the highlight of his year after lapping up all the attention in the bars.

Harvey, a Belgian malinois cross Czech shepherd – known as a ‘shepinois’ – joined owner Charnia Ellis on a ‘day sesh’ in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and totally stole the limelight.

The two-year-old pup joined his 22-year-old owner and her friends for the day drinking event, but Charnia was worried that Harvey might not enjoy himself.

She captioned a video of the day’s highlights : “I took my dog on a day session in Newcastle and worried he might not be happy.”

Harvey, a two-year-old malinois cross, headed out day drinking with his owner


TikTok @harvey_shepinois)

Yet the sociable shepherd-cross caught the attention of other drinkers in the city’s The Stack bar, and loved getting fussed and petted by all the other punters.

The video – which racked up 1.5million views, saw Harvey smiling while begging for pizza, as well as having his photo taken in a photo booth, and riding the train home.

One viewer wrote: “He’s got more luck with women than me.”

To which Charnia responded: “Oh, he’s a ladies man.”

Another added: “What a fantastic dog. I wish my GSD was this well behaved,” and a third joked that Harvey ‘owned the day sesh’.

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The pup’s viral video has seen him gain 30.3k Instagram followers, too – with people desperate to see where Charnia takes him next.

Both Czech shepherds and Belgian malinois are intelligent and athletic breeds, often used in the police force and army as working dogs for search and general purpose.

TeamDogs spoke to the trainer of one malinois, called Shinga, who was being trained to protect rhinos in Africa.

Part of Dogs 4 Wild, in South Wales, Shinga was getting ready for a deployment to Zimbabwe where she would be tracking humans across nature reserves, as well as act as a deterrent to poachers looking to hunt antelope, giraffes and warthogs.

Harvey even had his photo taken in the photo booths


TikTok @Harvey_shepinois)

Another video saw the hilarious size difference between a Belgian malinois cross puppy and his 12-year-old brother, Charlie – a ‘Schnoodle’.

One-year-old Milan, a Dutch shepherd cross Belgian malinois, ‘won TikTok’ after trying to hitch a piggy back from his tiny brother.

Over the last 12 months, while the fully-grown schnauzer poodle mix has remained the same size, Milan grew considerably bigger without even realising.

In a viral clip viewed more than 1.7 million time, it shows a huge Milan trying to ‘sit’ on Charlie’s back in the kitchen.

Owner, Hannah Dopson, from North Carolina, then shows a clip of Milan doing the very same thing as a puppy, in the same spot in the kitchen.

The second clip sees a much smaller Milan with his back legs hanging over Charlie’s back, who was bigger than the puppy at the time.

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