Belarra bets on a Spanish Government with “Yolanda Díaz at the helm”


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The secretary general of Podemos, likewise, has assured that the CAV “can have a clearly left-wing government”, in relation to a hypothetical agreement between EH Bildu, PSE-EE and the purple party itself.

The Secretary General of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, has opted for a Spanish Government that “has Yolanda Díaz at the helm and being the majority force.” At the same time, he has assured that in the CAV it is possible “to have a clearly left-wing government.”

Podemos Euskadi celebrates this Saturday at the Barakaldo BEC the meeting ‘Wide views’, with which it seeks to address “the challenges for the future together with the militancy and civil society“.

The event includes, in addition to the Navarrese Ione Belarra, with the participation of the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, the MEP María Eugenia Palop or the Secretary General of CCOO, Unai Sordo, among all.

The opening of the event was the responsibility of Ione Belarra who, in her speech, stated that “despite the difficulties”, the Spanish government in coalition with the PSOE is “the best possible to face the pandemic and reconstruction.” However, he has argued that the best government that can be imagined “has Yolanda Díaz at the helm and being the majority force, if she wants.”

“Euskadi can have a clearly left-wing government”

On the other hand, he has affirmed that the Basque Country needs “a truly progressive and transforming alternative”, which defends the rights of all Basques, and has affirmed that those who say that it cannot be “are the same ones who said that it could not be done away with. bipartisanship, or kick Rajoy out or have a political force like ours be part of the government. ” “But we know very well that it can be done: the Basque Country can have a clearly left-wing government,” he added.

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However, he has considered that for that moment to arrive it is necessary that Podemos, “and the broader space that we are building with civil society, with youth, with union agents and with citizens, be as strong as possible“.

“Everyone knows that the condition of possibility that there is a change in Euskadi and that those who have to understand each other, is that Podemos Ahal dugu is strong and can weave a new majority,” he defended.

For her part, the general coordinator of training in Euskadi, Pilar Garrido, recalled that there are “difficult” moments as a result of the covid-19, which has evidenced “the welfare state cracks“.

“Shortcomings of the social protection model”

After regretting that the pandemic has affected “more poor countries and women”, he denounced the “deficiencies of the social protection model.” “We have a model of a country that does not support everyone’s life equally,” he assured.

He has stated that Podemos has a “country project” with which to offer “security and certainties”. “We dream of a country with a future for youth, with decent work and affordable housing,” he stressed.

In his opinion, training thus represents “centrality” and lacks “backpacks or complexes”. “We are the alternative government of this country. Euskadi is experiencing times of change. The Basque political board is faltering and the recomposition must be done by reinforcing Podemos Ahal dugu, widening a space that is the one that best connects with the feelings of the Basque social majorities. A Basque space, left-wing, plural and inclusive with much to contribute to the model of country to which we aspire in the State, “he defended.

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