Beatrice’s telling reaction to Andrew and Queen differed from Eugenie’s, says expert


According to body language expert Judi James, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie gave off very different signals when their dad Prince Andrew entered Prince Philip’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey guiding their grandmother the Queen

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Princess Beatrice gets emotional at Prince Philip’s memorial

There were emotional scenes at Prince Philip’s memorial service when Princess Beatrice broke down in tears.

It came shortly after her father Prince Andrew escorted the elderly Queen to her seat at Westminster Abbey for the ceremony for her beloved late husband.

It marked Andrew’s first public appearance at a royal event since establishing his civil sex case.

And according to body language expert Judi James, Beatrice’s “shocking” reaction to seeing her father and grandmother was markedly different to that of her younger sister Princess Eugenie.

Judi told the Mirror: “We saw how Beatrice became overwhelmed by tears after her father arrived with his mother and the Queen had taken her place in front of her, but Beatrice’s response as he first honed into view was equally shocking and more than a little puzzle.

Princess Beatrice at Prince Philip’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey



“As the Queen and Andrew first walked level with the royals, Eugenie did appear to glance at an angle that meant she could see her father in her peripheral vision. After spotting him though she appeared to turn her gaze forward.

“Beatrice, however, seemed to already have her face hidden by her order of service. She performed this total face-covering, shielding ritual after her tears once the Queen and her father were in position, but hiding her face as they walked in would have sent out a very complicated message.

Beatrice breaks down during the service



The Queen is guided to her seat at the service by Prince Andrew



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“For everyone aware of the sisters’ tendency to loyalty this would have been seen as hiding tears of relief and joy at what looked like his re-appearance in public but when we face-hide we can also suggest shame, making this a risky public gesture.

“When we next saw Beatrice she seemed to have been sucking her thumb in what could have been a bid to self-comfort and avoid more tears. But they came anyway and Edo turned his head to watch with a caring, parental-looking smile as she searched for a hankie and face-hid.”

Beatrice arriving at the service with her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi



Beatrice’s sister Eugenie arriving at the service


Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror)

Meanwhile, Judi also noted how even before the service began to honor the late grandfather, the emotional pressure appeared to be building in Beatrice and Eugenie as they arrived at Westminster Abbey.

She explained: “Although Beatrice is the older sister it is Eugenie who always appears more able to project body language signals of a calm maturity and who often appears in the role of almost maternal support of her more anxious-looking sister but that job now seems to belong to Beatrice’s incredibly suave and regal-looking husband Edo.

“Both sisters appeared agitated as they got out of the car and both immediately adopted a mirrored barrier pose, clutching their small bags in front of their torsos with both hands.

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“Royal protocol meant Beatrice walked ahead initially with her husband upright and confident beside her, his arms swinging at his sides and a very charming smile on his face.

“The extent of the tension building in the group of four was visible in the way they performed an ungainly pile-up behind Princess Anne and her husband Tim.

“Royals frequently perform meet and greets in a line and the timing is usually impeccable to help avoid the ones behind catching up with the ones in front, but in what looked like their rush to get into the Abbey and possibly a desire to avoid the crowds outside, the sisters and their husbands were forced to wait, getting what looked like a humorous over the shoulder comment from Princess Anne as they did so.

“Eugenie turned to chat to her husband Jack as they walked into the Abbey and her normally warm smile appeared to consist of a jaw-jut that could have been caused by tension.”

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