BBC star Deborah James responds to troll who accuses her of ‘sexualising’ cancer battle

Podcaster Deborah James has fired back at a troll who says she is ‘sexualising’ her bowel cancer battle

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Deborah James walks at hospital for the first time in 9 days

Deborah James has responded to a troll who accused her of ‘sexualizing’ her cancer battle.

The 40-year-old BBC podcaster – who has been living with incurable bowel cancer for five years – was slammed by cruel online haters who say she is ‘sexualising’ her illness with short skirts and ‘pouting too much’.

She has been plagued with messages from people online who criticized her clothing choices and say she is ‘acting like a teenager’.

The BBC star keeps her followers updated on her cancer journey on the podcast You, Me and the Big C and by sharing updates and pictures on her Instagram account.

Deborah James fired back at cruel trolls

She has been battling with bowel cancer for five years

Deborah told The Sun: “I’ve been accused of sexualizing cancer, of pouting too much and acting like a teenager.

“I haven’t spent the past five years desperately trying to live to old age to be told how I should behave, if I have the luxury of making it that far.”

She hit back at cruel trolls who said she “loves herself” by saying her appearance and dancing are parts of who she is, and helps with her condition.

Back in January, she provided an update on her bowel cancer and shared a photo of herself sitting on a hospital bed.

The podcaster shares her journey with fans online

She has responded to comments made about her

Sitting on the bed in her underwear, the star took to her Instagram to share an honest photo with her 303,000 followers.

Deborah had tubes attached to her hands, chest and stomach in the snap.

“Argh the cancer rollercoaster! Yesterday was the classic ride high and fall flat ag the last bend! Started with positive blood results, drains all out (unlike in this picture) and I was more fussed about my make up stash in hospital than anything else !” she captioned the post.

“Dry shampoo and Lippy for the win! Was feeling good (it’s all relative!) and my liver number were FINALLY improving (go liver!!). My oncologist even talked about getting me home in a few days. Then this afternoon came! “

The podcaster had a small bleed and was rushed back into the theater to have a colonoscopy and Endoscopy ‘within the hour’.

Deborah continued: “It’s amazing how quickly crash teams work, and As much as I just want to be home (it’s now getting on to two weeks in hospital), it’s also nice to feel in a safe place when my body isn’t playing.” ball.

“Had an awful night of new regimes and being poked 10 times to find whatever working vein I have left (yes I have a port, but when you are on as much drugs as I am I need more lines in).

“Praying today will be un-eventual and stable! Thank you for your love. Either me or mum @bowelgran will update – it’s nice to have another source for updating you lovley lot. Have to say that teaching mum how to use Instgram from my hospital bed has put a massive smile on my face! It’s certainly giving my family some well needed laughs!”

She concluded: “We keep going. One step at a time. As a late friend said “I haven’t come this far to only go this far”…….”

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