BBC Saturday Kitchen: The real life of actor Ralf Little – TV about his sister’s medical career and tragic death

Ralf Little is probably best known for his portrayal of Anthony on the hit BBC sitcom The Royle Family.

The 41-year-old actor, who appears on Saturday Kitchen This Morning, went on to Two Pints ​​of Lager and a Packet of Crisps before taking on the role of DI Neville Parker in Death In Paradise.

But the star’s career was about to take a different turn when he headed off to medical school.

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Born in Bury, Ralf studied at Bolton School and then attended the University of Manchester.

But just four weeks into his first term, the university agreed he could take a year off to pursue his television career after producers tracked him down for a screen test.

“I was going to be a doctor,” Ralf told the Manchester Evening News At the time.

“I may never get this chance to act again. So I have to try, otherwise I’ll wonder for the rest of my life what would have happened.”

the roy family

The Manchester United fan also showed potential in football and played for several semi-professional clubs.

He has also appeared on the pitch for charity teams at Old Trafford and Wembley, along with Soccer Aid.

In previous interviews, Ralf has attributed a family tragedy that took place when he was a child as a spur to success.

At the age of nine, her older sister Ceridwen, 14, died while on holiday after falling 150ft from the cliffs at Porthcothan Bay near Padstow in Cornwall.

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Ralf Little (captain) at Farncombe Boys Football Club

Ralf said the shocking death was partly to blame for his parents’ divorce and deeply affected his other sister, Rowena, but made him struggle academically and in extracurricular activities, the Mirror reports.

Speaking to Radio 4 last month, he said: “It was devastating. It’s incredibly difficult to recover from something like this, particularly as parents.

“Of everyone in the family I was the least affected because I was nine years old. Kids are pretty resilient anyway, but I had stuff to keep going with, all these activities.

“It could have been for anyone. I could have gone to school and just have this massive meltdown, rebel and get angry. Now I know I was absolutely full of rage.

“But I channeled that rage to get all the life and kick it. So, my grades went up. My achievement of excellence in school just like me, was on all the teams; I was winning awards.”

He added, “I came out fighting. Ceri was a real tour de force of a personality. She and I didn’t really get along that well, but that’s because I was a bratty little brother.”

“Rowena, my middle sister, was very much in the shadow of Ceri. She used to follow her and do what she told her because she was her older sister and she loved her. I think she was pretty lost for a few years.

“She just had no guidance, really. She had no one to follow. Suddenly she has to be the oldest and just say, ‘where in the world do I fit in?’

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“So, I think she fought a lot more than I did. My parents fought for about 10 years and broke up about 10 years later. But I won’t blame them for that. Grieving is such a difficult thing. People process it differently.”

When it comes to his own relationship, Ralf proposed to his partner Lindsey Ferrentino, who is an American playwright, in 2018.

The long-distance couple have no children together.

Ralf told The Mirror in early 2020: “People ask us about the children, but first we need to think about where we are going to live: we have the longest distance relationship, she lives in the US.”

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