BBC Freeze the Fear viewers blast ‘questionable’ timing of show

The BBC aired its brand new series on Tuesday night hosted by Holly Willoughby and Lee Mack. Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof ​​is a six-part show set to challenge eight celebrities to push their mind and body’s to the limit in freezing cold temperatures.

Set in the Italian Alps, famous faces including EastEnders’ Tamzin Outhwaite, rapper Professor Green, former Manchester United footballer Patrice Evra and Strictly Come Dancing professional Dianne Buswell will be guided by Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof ​​to help them face their fears and complete a series of daunting tasks, which get more difficult as the weeks go on.

Last night’s first episode saw the celebs strip down to their swimwear and jump into a hole in a frozen lake, with the water nearing zero degrees. Despite a few tears and hesitation, each of the eight celebrities managed to successfully complete the challenge.

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Next, in order to enter the village where they’ll stay for the duration of the show, the contestants had to complete a terrifying forward-facing abseil down a 500 foot icy cliff edge. Despite a number of the group having huge fears of heights, they all managed to succeed and make way to their cozy tents.

While the episode aired, BBC viewers were divided with their opinions on the show, with some praising the series as ‘inspiring’ whilst others questioned the timing of the show’s debut.

Freeze the Fear is a brand new BBC show with Wim Hof, Holly Willoughby and Lee Mack

“This program is inspiring and so good. More of this than pantsy game shows – it’s inspiring and so new #leemack @hollywills the hosts are overbearing – the challenges, contestants and #wimhof are the stars,” Jackie wrote on Twitter.

“Finally a reality tv show I can get behind – #FreezeTheFear. Wim is awesome! And it’s always a joy to watch @AlfieBoe. Need to book myself into another WHM ice bath now,” said Holly.

“Ok so #freezethefear was the best show iv watched in years!!! What a perfect group of people to be in it,” said Debbie.

But others who watched the new program had some complaints about the show’s timing amid the cost of living crisis. “How very apt that the BBC schedule #FreezeTheFear shortly after everyone’s electricity bills have gone up,” wrote Twitter user Matt.

“Have to question the logic of the BBC… putting on a show with celebrities living in luxury when people can barely afford to live these days,” said another. “We don’t need #FreezeTheFear in the UK. We’re living it with the price of gas,” a third said.

Freeze The Fear sees eight famous famous take on tough challenges

“I’m a pensioner sitting at home with my coat on, as I can’t afford the heating being on, watching these overpaid “celebrities” in this nonsense show, paid for by MY LICENCE FEE,” said Tony.

“We have poor people freezing & starving, yet here we are with ‘celebs’ whinging about how tough they’ve had it! It’s actually making me so angry I’ve had to turn over. Celebs desperate to keep up their profiles, all whilst saying ‘poor me’,” a forth viewer wrote.

Participant and singer Alfie Boe’s shared a tweet ahead of the show which read: “Tonight’s the night! Tune in to BBC1 at 9pm to catch the first episode of ‘Freeze The Fear with Wim Hof’… you might want to put the heating on. “

One viewer responded: “Unfortunately many people can’t afford to put the heating on and are in fear of the gas bill coming through the door. You may be a singer @AlfieBoe but you are bloody tone deaf.”

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