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Many of us were happy to see the image of Bárbara Rey and Mustache Arrocet arriving together at a social event in a historic Madrid hotel. There was little casual about that image. And that already got me. The actress and star, born in Totana, Murcia, and the comedian and starlet sentimental, of Chilean origin, they allowed themselves to be photographed lounging and smiling, without masks, in full political uproar over the impossible appearance of King in the Senate to answer about the payments that, in the past, he could have received from the reserved funds of the Spanish State and derived from his alleged relationship with ex-king Juan Carlos. But in that photo everything seemed real. Soft and tangible, like the emblematic mink coat that Barbara wanted to recover for that moment.

Of all the characters in the real soap opera, I distinguish Barbara because she knows almost more than anyone. It has maintained a fairly substantial and unique coherence throughout this tangle, of these funds. When she is silent, she creates a mystery, a dense fog that allows her to submerge like a mythological mermaid to reappear, reconverted into a whirlpool when she decides, or needs it. She generates more empathy with the common people, the audience, than other female protagonists of the Bourbon soap opera, because apart from knowing and feeling her authentically Spanish, she is a fighter, made herself. A star that stumbles, but holds the plume of feathers. Master the whip and know how to tame an important man.

Now that it is possible, they insist on understanding her as an alleged part of the Headquarters of the State, at least on the sentimental side of the Headquarters, and we cannot not smile at the picaresque he used when baptizing his daughter with the name of Sofia. The name of the only wife of the emeritus. Yes, her daughter is called Sofía Cristo Rey. A thing like that, deep down, can only be done by Barbara. It has that consistency. If someone were to make him look ugly, she could always answer that she named her daughter that out of her admiration for Queen Sofia. Weapons of star! Therefore, to imagine that Bárbara Rey is going to wrinkle because they call her to testify to the Senate is not to know her story. A star he is not afraid of any ladder. On the contrary, it is others who fear it.

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The pirouette she just performed appearing next to María Teresa Campos’ ex-boyfriend has overshadowed any other news for a while. Even those related to covid. The following day, the government control session was reduced to a repetition of routine expletives offered by stars policies lacking in substance, without pelvic floor. Thus, the very essence of the parliamentary session vanished. This is not the case with Bárbara and her coherence: trained in the magazine, she has managed to broaden the focus in an inclusive way and incorporate María Teresa Campos into a constructive and in-depth debate. Free from the stupidities and swear words now used in parliamentary debates.

Meanwhile, on televisions and magazines, politics goes the other way. An old disagreement between the two ladies has been rescued, apparently due to the evident lack of solidarity of the then queen of the mornings with Barbara, because of the king. In Seville, at the beginning of this century, I witnessed a bitter controversy between Teresa Campos’ collaborators with the star because they did not know how to end the antagonism between them. So Rey turned to the collaborators to call them “cowards on the payroll!” She stood back enough for all of us to see her and declared, very Lorca: “You think you are a court. I know cuts. And circuses. And they are the same ”. There was a crisp, deathly silence. And, before the scene was destroyed, he added: “You think the tamer is the star. And the star is the lion ”. That is consistency. A barbaric coherence.

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