Bachelor who put up billboards looking for wife ‘overwhelmed’ by 2,000 responses

Innovation consultant and entrepreneur Muhammad Malik, 29, put up billboards around Birmingham in his search for a wife, with more than 2,000 women answering his call for potential partners

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Bachelor receives 1,000 responses from ‘find a wife’ billboard

More than 2,000 women have approached a bachelor who announced he was looking for love on Birmingham billboards.

Muhammad Malik’s unorthodox approach to matchmaking has proved a stunning success after women flocked to his website ‘’.

The site has received more than 1,000 applications, with another 1,000 women sending him messages over social media.

The 29-year-old said he was ‘overwhelmed’ by the response and he now intends to sift through his potential partners, BirminghamLive reports.

Muhammad, an innovation consultant and entrepreneur, told Radio Five Live: “I am really pleased, I am overwhelmed actually with the responses.

“There’s been over a thousand responses now on the official channel which is the website but then even more responses, even more than a thousand through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and social media and stuff like that. It’s a nice surprise.”

Muhammad Malik has asked for potential partners to get in touch through billboards in Birmingham


Anita Maric / SWNS)

Muhammad said he has enlisted a few friends to create spreadsheets and will then ‘audit’ his way through all the messages.

The columns will include age, location (ideally UK), hobbies and personality type but said he would not focus so much on looks.

And any meetings between suitors will take place in real life in the coming weeks.

He said: “Maybe the week after, we will start getting those meetings in.”

Muhammad can be seen lying on his side pointing upwards with a big smile and joking: “Save me from an arranged marriage”, on billboards on the A34 Walsall Road by the Perry Barr Greyhound Track, Golden Hillock Road and Hockley Circus.

He is from London but calls Brum ‘as second home’ thanks to the “top quality food spots in the city centre, bustling Alum Rock (and) the incredible mosques.”

Muhammad values personality and faith



He said: “My ideal partner would be a Muslim woman in her 20s, who’s striving to better her deen.

“I’m open to any ethnicity but I’ve got a loud Punjabi family – so you’d need to keep with the bants. Always personality and faith over anything else!

“P.S I’m an only child and look after my mom and dad. If this is a deal-breaker I don’t think it’ll work out.”

‘Save me from an arranged marriage’


BPM Media)

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His website details his no-expense-spared search for love.

“I just haven’t found the right girl yet. It’s tough out there,” said Muhammad.

“I had to get a billboard to get seen. I’m a creative, love doing the most random and absurd – but 100 per cent halal of course – things.

“I’m hoping to find the one.”

Muhammad was keen to stress his search for love was genuine and that he is not against arranged marriages.

He said: “I think arranged marriages have a place and tradition in many Islamic cultures. In fact, there are many studies that show that arranged marriages have many advantages.

“I just want to try and find someone on my own first.”

Any woman who thinks she fits the bill can contact him via his website, which you can access by clicking here.

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