B-list council-owned building looks ready to go under the hammer

A building of the eighteenth century, described as a “dead asset” for the Council of Perth and Kinross, looks set to be auctioned.

The three-story apartment block from List B is currently empty and the Council can not find tenants for it.

Last week, councilors from the PKC Housing and Communities Committee gave their approval to the sale of Cumberland Barracks at auction.

Barracks Cumberland, formerly known as Yeomanry Barracks, built in Coupar Angus between 1745 and 1766. The L-shaped building is made of red debris with coatings white sandstone. The five floors of a bedroom and a building containing the currently empty.

A report by the Council described the repairs as “challenging and costly”. He recently revealed that £ 127,000 had been spent replacing the stones capping and covering the outside of the building.

When the housing committee met on Monday, January 24, officials told the council that potential tenants of a floor inside the building had refused when they were offered.

There are currently 55 people on the waiting list PKC looking for a one bedroom property in Coupar Angus. When the council of the SNP, Grant Laing, pressed if everyone had been offered a flat in the building, an official of the Council confirmed that they had been offered at 55, but they refused.

The main reason for the refusal was that the properties inside him were “too dark and small”.

The report says the dark interior caused by small windows “can not be improved because of the state cataloged” with internal staircase building “also dark with corners and hidden areas and, despite being well lit, creating an unsafe appearance” .

Cllr Laing questioned how “viable a proposal” could be for a private company/individual. He suggested they would have to pay “at least £192,000” and wondered how anyone could make it more attractive.

The assistant director of communities, Clare Mailer said PKC did not have the answers, but as a social landlord could not take it affordable standards.

The convening of the Committee, CLLR Bob Brawn, who visited the property, described it as an “dead asset”.

Conservative councilor Strathmore, Colin Stewart, argued it was a “remarkable building in the center of Coupar Angus.”

He added: “No one would want to see it fall into a state of disrepair anytime soon.”

Cllr Laing expressed concern about how long it could take to sell the building and the risk of further deterioration.

Councilman Strathtay said. “Coupar Angus has many buildings that desperately need repairs for when this happens by all committees and be taken to auction, it will have spent more than a year of the two-year cycle when the outside of the building has to be I attended.

“I don’t think we can afford another rundown building in Coupar Angus at all.”

Councilman Blairgowrie and Glens SNP, Tom McEwan, introduced an amendment to the money from the sale is used to invest in affordable housing.

Lib Dem councilor, Peter Barrett, suggested that it was “completely unnecessary amendment” when it was already in the report.

After a heated exchange between the two councilors, the Executive Director of Communities of PKC, Barbara Renton, said the amendment was to add this recommendation “for greater clarity”.

He added: “While this recommendation is contained in the report, is not contained in the recommendations.”

Cllr Brawn and CLLR Chris Ahern were happy to incorporate the amendment into his motion to put the building at auction.

The recommendations now be submitted to the subcommittee owned by PKC for consideration on February 28.


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