Azpeitia believes it is illegal to allow the opening of Corrugados in the urban nucleus



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The Consistory’s proposal consists of moving the industrial activity of Corrugados out of the urban nucleus of the town, specifically to the Trukutxo area.

The mayor of Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa), Nagore Alkorta, has opined this Friday that sIt would be “illegal” to allow the Corrugados plant to reopen in the urban nucleus, reason why it has considered that it is not “legal” to ask the City council that “breaks the law”.

The mayor of Azpeitia, a town governed by EH Bildu, has offered a press conference to explain the offer that was transferred yesterday to the company Cristian Lay (CL), current owner of Corrugados, in the meeting held with the presence of the Basque Government and the Provincial Council from Gipuzkoa.

Alkorta’s proposal consists of move the industrial activity of Corrugados out of the urban nucleus of the town, specifically to the Trukutxo area, where the general plan contemplates this type of action and in which several facilities are already executed.

Reopening the furnaces of the steel company in the old Corrugados land is unfeasible in the opinion of the City Council, which has assured that “neither the mayor of Azpeitia, nor the municipal government, nor the plenary session can unanimously grant permission to start the industrial activity in the urban nucleus, because is incompatible with the general plan“.

Although he has said to be in the absence of receiving a technical report, Alkorta has advanced that “it can almost be taken for sure” that the furnaces will reopen in the urban nucleus “does not have legal or urban guarantees“.

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Alkorta has demanded “institutional respect” and collaboration to be able to start Corrugados, an operation that it wishes to facilitate “with the aim of creating jobs” in Azpeitia.

Corrugados Azpeitia, which was owned by the Gallardo group, closed its doors in 2013, when it had 300 workers. Last year the Cristian Lay company acquired the group and one of its objectives is to reopen the Gipuzkoan plant, for which it is in talks with the Basque institutions.

Both the Basque Government and the Diputación de Gipuzkoa are in favor of the reopening in Azpeitia and consider that it will facilitate it to do so again in the Corrugados land it is a matter of “political will” of the City Council.

The Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapia, has affirmed that reopening the Corrugados Azpeitia facilities “is feasible if there is will,” and stressed that the company is willing to make the necessary investments to comply with environmental and municipal guarantees. On the contrary, he has indicated that “what cannot be done at the moment is to take the company to another place”, because, in his opinion, “we would go very far in time”.

In this way, he has insisted that, “with a little will”, the Azpeitia City Council could also seek a solution, “because that is what the company asks of us, that they are willing to do whatever has to be done, but with our help. “

50 million euro project

The CL group intends to invest 50 million euros in the project, which would create 700 jobs, some 200 direct and another 500 indirect, as long as the activity is carried out where it is currently located.

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In addition, the intention of the group is to work in the steel industry and focus its project especially on the wind sector.


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